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Period 5
Period 5 Julia set
A series of five tubes
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Period 5 is another important setting in a series of my series of series of yawns. It's an epic series win found in the Translation Party Series Graph Set. All hail set Period series 5. Series set set series, set series yawns. Another important set of my series is a series of yawns series, a series of a triple series of yawns. Not just a set single series yawn but a triple set series of the set yawns. Five sets three series in the most awesome manner ever. Brought to your series of yawns by Series Set Series Inc, 2009 series.


SERIES SERIES a long series of serious yawns set SET another long series but SET win EPIC FIVE
SET yawning SET a triply long series of serious yawns in series of tubes the SET and WIN my yawn
SERIES SERIES the SET of my SET a SET important SET a SET with SET a SET my SET importance of SET
SET sets of yawns SET A SERIES in SET setting a SET a SET with SET a SET of SET and your only SET
SET yawns of sets SET yawn yawn a SET hail five SET a SET with SET a YAWN a SET the serious WIN
SET series of sets SET SERIES and SET three set SET the SETTINGS of the SERIES for FIVE YAWNS

The secret series solved!

(image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) Isn't it sad, set 3?


  • Quote: YIM Chat series
[22:47] Keiji:
[22:49] Nekohaku: o.o
[22:50] Keiji: did you lol?
[22:50] Nekohaku: Yup, I had a series of series set series of lolz
  • Quote: Kawachat
[13:10:59] <Chao> Apparently Seriri links to period 5 because period redirects there
[13:11:09] <Keiji> Oh dear.
[13:11:21] <Chao> It's a series of set series of Seriris
[13:11:29] <Keiji> ROFL

The next series!

Your rabbit can actually request; in fact, you can actually request your rabbit!


On a Rubik's Cube, the algorithm R U R' U has period 5! But there's no fives in a cube... how the heck does that work, then?!

Even in your Dangan Ronpa

Oh, do you like birds, Naegi-chi?
To tell you the truth, I love them too! They're totally cute, 'right? And there's exactly five of them!
Five! We're talking natural numbers here, so it's the one that comes after four and before six.
The number five is all over this place. It's an omen! I truly feel something mystical is all around us...