Fos Canyon (InstanceTopic, 14)

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Fos Canyon is a large, secluded area of Primp, hidden deep within the Eastern Mountains. It is notable for being the place where Phi chose to hide his backup data disc, though it has other implied significances as well. Despite it's panorama featuring a variety of 5/5Ta-Doon-Da CastleEdge of DespairRuins of ArcaHaunted WoodsMountain Base evil looking locations, Fos Canyon itself is a tranquil area, one feels calm and at peace here, and the sun always shines through regardless of the black clouds of doom swirling nearby. It can only be accessed by levitation, since it lies between the mountains themselves, and the northern exit of the Crystal Cave, and is on an elevated plateau.

Appearance in Compile Worlds

Fos Canyon was first explored in Episode 22 of Compile Worlds, where Ringo and her small party 4/4Witch (Madou Monogatari)EltiaMikkiArle Nadja visited the area in search of Ekoro's secret Project Perfect Light. They found Phi's AVI disc and his data in a small tent in the area. Also here was Sho, trapped in a cage by Ekoro as punishment for allowing Phi to be a failure.


Fos is a Greek word meaning "light", which goes with the area's peaceful setting and secret. Fos also contains the letter "Phi", which alludes to Phi's hiding ground even more.