Woods of Nahe (InstanceTopic, 15)

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The Woods of Nahe is a forest in Puyo Puyo Fever, its sequel, and Compile Worlds. The woods are situated in the eastern areas of Primp. In the Fever games, Amitie, Raffine, and Sig run into a variety of weirdos here, including Oshare Bones, Dongurigaeru, and Gogotte.

In Compile Worlds, the woods made their debut in Episode 19 and have been a a slightly reoccurring area, not to be confused with the Paraplu Forest on the west side of the world. Originally, Lagnus the Brave and Theta crash landed in the clearing after the meteor strike. They then made their way back to Puyopolis. Later on in the Amalgamation, Lagnus lead his teammates 4/4Arle NadjaMarinShoPuyorin back into the clearing to set up camp and eat curry. It is currently unknown if any hidden Fever characters are still residing here.