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Sonic Adventure 2 is the second 3D platformer in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, and it is often regarded as the best 3D Sonic game of them all, as well as the best Sonic game regardless. It's features include an involving, in depth emotional storyline, three completely different gameplay styles, the debut of Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat (and her boobies), an improved Chao Garden system, and over 9000 Big the Cat cameos. The game was originally released for the Sega Dreamcast, and was ported to the Nintendo GameCube under the title Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.


50 years ago, the government was being retarded as usual, and tried to shut down Professor Gerald Robotnik's research on finding immortality... which they sent him off to do. They killed Maria Robotnik in the process, causing Shadow and Gerald to plot revenge on the government while they rotted away on Prison Island, and Emerl was taken somewhere to be conveniently teleported to Eggman's Base later on.

Meanwhile, in present day, Dr. Eggman decides to revive the "Ultimate Life Form", not having learned a single thing from the Chaos incident. He does this by breaking into the military base on Prison Island, only to find Shadow instead. Then, once Shadow pwns some n00bs Eggman gets giddy and Shadow decides to work with him on the premise he'll get his revenge on humanity (in reality, the government and military). So then Eggman works on finding a way to get to the Space Colony ARK, while Shadow robs a bank of it's Chaos Emerald (what are they doing with something so valuable anyway?). Elsewhere, Knuckles and Rouge are fighting over possession of the Master Emerald in the middle of the 2/2Wild CanyonDry Lagoon desert. Eggman, having to traverse the desert to get to his base anyway, decides to pick up the oversized emerald as a gift while the bickering rodents are accusing each other of perversion. However, Knuckles instantly notices and shatters the emerald, causing Eggman and Rouge much misery. Eggman goes home without an emerald to cough up while Rouge gets pissed and goes off to find the pieces of the broken rock. Meanwhile, Shadow's life of crime has successfully gotten poor Sonic the Hedgehog on the government's most wanted list, making the good hero a dangerous fugitive. Sonic realizes it's no use to try and clear his name by civil means, since the government is both blind and idiotic, so instead he jumps about a hundred metres off a helicopter mid-flight and wingboards down Central City's streets and evading a giant truck that causes more harm to the citizens than the blue blur. Unfortunately, it's still not enough to escape arrest.

Meanwhile, Eggman, Shadow, and Rouge meet up in the Space Colony, and form a pact to take over the world (although in reality, they're all just using one another). So they set off to blow up Prison Island and rob it of its Chaos Emeralds to complete their plan. However, Tails and Amy Rose, unable to comprehend the thought of not having Sonic by their side for one whole minute, are also off to the not-so-secret base of the military to rescue their friend. Amy, being as blind as G.U.N., mistakes Shadow for Sonic, and accidentally gridlocks Tails and Eggman into an obligatory boss battle, wasting both of their time. While Rouge goes and gets herself trapped in a safe (really an attempt to lure Shadow and herself into privacy so they can make out), Sonic escapes and wastes more time fending off Shadow, who really didn't have much of a part in Eggy's plan, other than placing the TNT in the base. Then, all of a sudden, everyone teleports off the island (except LOL Knuckles) to avoid the giant explosion that takes place.

Eggman spends the rest of the time slowly gathering Chaos Emeralds, while Tails and Rouge stalk each other in a kart racing minigame and Knuckles fails at driving a space shuttle. Finally, each pair of characters has an epic battle with each other, with the space colony providing the perfect backdrop. Of course, Sonic wins and saves the day by doing some crazy breakdance moves to blow up the canon and breathe in space. Eggman actually wins, and prepares to fire the Eclipse Cannon, already having blown up half the moon with it. However, instead of a cannon, Eggman gets a berserk revenge kill program by Gerald, which reactivates the Biolizard and sends the colony on a crash course to Earth. While Eggman gloats about how evil and senile his grandfather was, everyone else sobs over their loss. The 6 finally put aside their differences and team up to break into the Cannon's Core, which is where the giant abomination has made it's residence. Shadow then sacrifices himself to save the planet for Maria... only to be rescued by Eggman for future plot holes. Happy End


The gameplay is divided by the three playable pairs of characters. All of them were shamelessly stolen form Sonic Adventure, with little to no modification. Sonic and Shadow leech off Sonic's original gameplay from SA, arguably, the most "standard" Sonic Gameplay on the damn disc. Knuckles and Rouge steal from the former's, with modifications made so enemy combat would be easier (lolwut). Tails and Eggman borrow their gameplay from E-102 Gamma, but they ditched the timed aspect of the latter's and actually made it fun, so it's totally okay~


Sonic Adventure 2 has a whopping 32 stages, and each of them have five missions (except a certain one). The first mission is always the story one. Each mission, when completed, gives the player a rank based on their performance.

Hero Stages

Dark Stages


Chao Garden

Main articles: Chao, Chao Garden

The Chao Garden is probably the most awesome way to waste your time ever. You raise these cute little things called "Chao" with the animals and tubes of jello that the enemies drop from the stages. Then you can place the little rascals in competitions for fun...but doing so is also required to unlock that luscious Green Hill Zone.


Sonic Adventure 2 has some of the best music in the entire series, brought to you by those awesome musical geniuses that scored SA's original sound. Nearly every song is a masterpiece that you could loop on YouTube for hours on end (if YouTube actually had a loop button, that is) to make your normal life moar epic. The only notable exception is the Green Hill Zone music, which unfortunately kind of sucks because they didn't use the original version, and the remix isn't that great either, over-exaggerating the date of the Sega Mega Drive by using midi-like arrangement skills.


The Sonic fandom is torn on the issue of whether this is truly the best 3D Sonic game (like pretty much every other freaking issue). Most will unanimously praise this game and list it next to games like Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic CD without second thought. Others will still praise the game, but not that much, and some disagree with the statements entirely, claiming that SA2's predecessor was the best. Most will agree that it was the last good 3D Sonic game, and likely the last good game overall.


  • Big the Cat appears several times throughout the game, usually though it is a button-activated cameo during serious cutscenes.
  • SEGA ported the game to the Gamecube in just mere months after the original SEGA Dreamcast release.
    • And the only differences between them are the landscapes of the Chao Garden, removed Big cameos, and slightly altered multiplayer aspects.
  • This is the last game where Tails had the best voice actor of his life, and one of the only 3 to feature this said voice actor.
    • Incidentally, it was not a woman failing at a boy's voice.
  • All of Eggman's stages are more fun than Tails'.
  • Even though there are several large monitors throughout the game, no one ever mentions the Ark has a computer.
  • This is the first 3D game in the series where Eggman actually moves his mouth while talking in a scripted cutscene.

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