LOPAC roles (ConceptTopic, 14)

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The LOPAC roles were a set of roles that determined the significance of each team's member during the Tournament in the SHAME segment. Their original role in the plot became scrapped plans when Black Sig royally screwed everything over and had a late entry, thus ruining their original purpose. Each of the 5 teams had exactly 5 members, one of which fit into these roles. Nearly none of them were revealed due to their significance in the plot. Like SHAME was an acronym for the teams, LOPAC was an acronym for the names of the roles themselves, being Leader, One, Potent, Affine and Comic. In some teams, like Satans, it was completely obvious where these characters fit in their roles. In others, like Ekoro and Marin's, the lines became more blurred.



The Leader of the team served the purpose of giving the team's primary motivation to fight and construct objectives. While the leader is not necessarily who the team is named after, the usually played a large part in the strategizing for the team, assigning their other members various tasks and utilizing their strengths in clever ways to win the tourney and attain their goal.

The only known Leaders were Lord Marcus XXXIX, Zeta and Angol Mois.


The One of each team was, of course, the only member of the team who had ascended to metalevel one, either by promotion or by natural means. Aside from the anomaly of Angol Mois, the ones were signifcant to a team's make up due to being their primary source of firepower against another team.

The ones were Eltia, Theta, Daichi, Arle and Ekoro.


The Potent of each team was the person who had potential, usually in underlying strength they were unaware they had. These characters were usually unaware or unwitting of their potential power. Likely they were to discover their power and strive to expand upon it in order to have a significant role in the finale of SHAME.

The only known Potents was Ringo.


The Affinist of each team was the person who stuck the most strongly to their affinity. Their presence on the team was usually decided by the goals they wanted to achieve and how they best coincided with the rest of the team's interests. Due to their strong affinist views, they would usually be the first to start conflict among teams, and some of them even decided the team's primary targets based on their own personal convictions towards other people, or based on another teams ability to hinder their hidden agendas.

The only known Affine was Satan.


The Comic of each team was, in the basic essence, the comedy relief character of a given team. If he or she was not a comedic character providing goofy antics, then he or she was otherwise considered useless to use in combat and was usually assigned lesser tasks by the leader. Many of the comics share the fact that they were to become major characters but were quickly (and accidentally?) denied these opportunities in order to fulfill their LOPAC role. It is not clear exactly how they would have figured into the finale of SHAME.

The known comics were Steve, Gypsum Puyorin and Chitose.