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Clipboards are boards of wood with a metal clip on them, so as to clip paper(s) to them and keep the paper(s) from falling out. A clipboard is usually used when there is a lack of proper surfaces to write or draw on such as in a boring waiting room or a hallway. A clipboard may also be used when the hard surfaces in the room are being used for more important things than paperwork (Because test tubes with your blood in them are ALWAYS more important than the paperwork that gives the doctor permission to use it!).

However, the most epic use of clipboards comes from throwing them, as displayed by the Compile Worlds character Gypsum. However, she has pretty poor aim and timing, so Arle Nadja has foiled her scheme to deal damage by clipboard twice now, thus causing Gypsum to be the subject of much fail and derpiness.

Gypsum's Clipboard

Gypsum's Clipboard is probably one of the most unusual plot items in Compile Worlds. It is a clipboard, belonging to Gypsum, which, until Episode 40, Gypsum had a habit of carrying around and scribbling on. Most of these scribbles were personal details about her master Angol Mois and his hatred of humans. Other things written on Gypsum's clipboard include details of the FGF Arcade incident, the first encounter with Alpha, and pretty much the entire starting roster of SHAME. Later in the aforementioned arc, Arle reads most of this content and passes it along to her team. In the next episode her team was featured in, her clipboard was incinerated in the battle with Arle's team, thus rendering it destroyed and its contents up to that point lost.