Blaze the Cat (EntityTopic, 7)

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Blaze the Cat is a hot, purple, anthropomorphic female cat from Another World. She guards the Sol Emeralds Knuckles style, and can control the power of fire. Blaze was once shy and withdrawn. Now she is outright sassy. She still takes he duties seriously, but spices up her attacks now with sarcastic insults. Occasionally, she flirts with Sonic, but usually evades it so as not to invoke Amy's wrath. Mostly, like Amy, she is a go-get-em girl, beating up bad guys with the heroes, but sometimes becomes the hostage.

Even though Blaze has, more or less, become a shoe-in of the series, she is quite popular, not to mention a wonderful character, and therefore, deserves some respect, even from those old grouchy fans that can't take their Pingas out of their Megadrive. Besides, there isn't a single picture of Blaze in the world in which she doesn't look absolutely kickass. Despite this, Blaze has not had a single action figure, plushie, or any other piece of official merchandise to her name. However, a custom plushie was made, and Chao owns the first made version.

Game Appearances

Weird Concept Art

It's in the gallery (yes, it's real), and caused a lot of silly fanboys to say "HEY GUYS, BLAZE IS ACTUALLY SHADOW!"

What actually happened though is a lot less climatic, the person who drew them just filled the outline black as a placeholder for someone else at SEGA to complete.