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Princess Daisy or just Daisy, is the princess of Sarassa Land in the Mario Series. She spends more time participating in sporting events and going Mario Parties than actually doing royal duties. As such, it seems she's quite the party girl and is kept fairly busy by appearing in nearly every Mario spin-off you can name.


Daisy was first seen in Super Mario Land, where she was held hostage by Tantaga, an alien that was basically the game's Bowser. Nevertheless, she was rescued by Mario and promptly tried to start a romantic relationship with him. Falling short of that, she became Luigi's caddie in Mobile Golf, and finally emerged after years of absence in Mario Tennis. Despite a tragic incident with her disgruntled first VA, she continued to make appearances, though scarcely any of them were important.

Daisy is quite a tomboy and some what of a hill billy. She's also quite the party girl and is extremely athletic. Despite this, she can also have the tendency to be a whining whiner and annoy you. Sometimes, she just seems downright stupid. It was one of these derp moments that gave birth to the infamous meme HI I'M DAISY.


Daisy is named after a flower, which is fitting, because uh...she's the princess of the Flower Kingdom.