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Sonic R was SEGA's third attempt at making a racing game with Sonic the Hedgehog trying to capitalize on Mario's mascot racing bandwagon. Unlike every other Sonic racing game, it features no form of vehicles what so ever, so therefore, it doesn't suck...other than that clunky Jeep Amy Rose is forced to drive. It's content is very limited, and the low-poly models show signs of extreme laziness, such as Eggman having paper thin arms. Some people want to argue that it's the shittiest Sonic game ever made, like all the other racing games, but we all know what the real candidate for the shittiest Sonic game is.



Resort Island
Typical for most first levels in a Sonic game, it has a predominant tropical theme to it. Can You Feel the Sunshine of this overly happy course yet?
Radical City
Not to be confused with Radical Highway, this course has a highway theme regardless. Supposedly, you're Living in the City here, but there aren't really a whole lot of buildings here...
Regal Ruin
The only course with two 'R's in it's name, you go Back in Time to an ancient echidna ruin, complete with random Knuckles and Chaos Emerald hieroglyphs. Wait, what's that Egg Robo doing here then...?
Reactive Factory
This factory level is probably a lazy excuse for an Eggman's Base theme, but it doesn't really seem all that Eggmany. It's also home to one of the most easily exploitable programming errors in the game. What is it, you ask? You'll have to Work it Out yourself.
Radiant Emerald
That's right, you too can be a Diamond in the Sky on this blatant Rainbow Road rip-off. Or, if you're all sparkly-desu and golden colored, you can just come here for some Super Sonic Racing.

If you finish all of the above courses in first place, you're my Number 1 and you also unlock Eggman. Congratulations, you won the game. Now go get all the Chaos Emeralds and Sonic Tokens you twat!