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The Lastation Arc is the first arc of Compile ♥ Worlds, coming after The Transition. It starts in Episode 59, and ended in Episode 65. It involves the characters of Madou Monogatari and Puyo Puyo being teleported to Gamindustri, where they join forces with Neptune and friends to solve mysteries and kick ass! ...and also eat pudding.


While the main cast is still mostly comprised of Puyo characters such as Arle Nadja, Satan, and Ringo Andou, the main cast of Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth1 also appears. Since it is post game, Arfoire does not appear. However, the evil Ganache of Avenir is set to make a return, along with many of the other supporting Neptunia characters.

Addtionally, the introduction of some new original characters is set to happen as well, in order to keep the plot interesting and moving forward. Additionally, some of the RP's older OCs will return after a long absence to cause mayhem for all.

Kanon, the leader of the Planetary Gods of Gaias, may have something to do with the deepening mysteries and the magical worlds' connection to the Neptunian ones.


The plot arc, rather than focusing on the rebuilding of the original Compile Worlds, instead moves into Gamindustri, the main setting of Neptunia. Many characters have crash landed in Planeptune, though others still are in Lastation, Lowee and Leanbox. All four lands will serve as significant settings during the course of the RP.


Hyperdimensional nonsense from another world!

The new plot arc kicks off with Episode 59 on Planeptune, where Neptune has once again neglected her Basilicom and CPU duties to reminisce about the place she fell from the sky. She is joined initially by Compa. They both notice however that someone is stuck in the ground. That someone becomes two people, then three! While Nanako and Arle Nadja were stuck in the ground right side up, poor Feli was not as lucky, and she was trapped upside down, with Lemres burried even further beneath her. Calling Plutia and Peashy over, the Neptunia girls pull the gang out of the earth and introduce themselves. Once out of the ground, the Puyo gang quickly realize they're not even in the vicinity of any of the worlds they know. Compa invites them to her room to figure things out and eat pudding, and who are Neptune and Lemres to say no to a good bowl of pudding?

When they arrive however, not much figuring things out goes on, as Neptune doesn't seem to have a clue what's going on herself. Peashy meanwhile, must have seen Nanako's accidental noncanon breast enlargement art, as she latched on to Nanako's chest and screamed about her "large boobs", and even the RPers were mystified and in disbelief at the little girl's obsession with female breasts. While Feli and Nanako spend the remainder of the conversation trying to dislodge Peashy, Arle tries to see if anybody knows anything about their world or how they may have gotten there. No clues are offered, and Lemres becomes rather obsessed with Compa's Delicious Pudding. Compa suggests visiting IF in Leanbox to see if IF knows anything about the situation or their distant homeworld. Everyone agrees, dragging Lemres away from his pudding (and Nanako away from Peashy). Neptune stays behind however, afraid the Planeptune Basilicom Staff will catch her skipping out on her work again.

Meanwhile, in Leanbox, Vert and IF are enjoying a nice couple's gaming session when RanRan arrives and informs them of the arrival of Compa and the Puyo gang. One more awkward introduction later, and they get right to business. While IF doesn't recognize anything about the other worlds or Eldora, she does recognize Kanon due to some old legends about another world removed from their own. Feli, Nanako, and Arle are excited that there may be some connection after all. IF looks up the source of the rumors on her phone while Vert sends RanRan to go dig around in the library for anything about Kanon. Before their investigation can take off however, Yvoire begs for Vert to take care of a mysterious man belegierently screaming about buying the Basilicom with more DIAMONDS than you could fit in a chest. And we all know who would use DIAMONDS as a currency for bargaining.

Arle begins to lament because she knows exactly who they're dealing with. Lo and behold, it is none other than Satan, who has also conveniently crash landed right here in Leanbox. Satan claims he and Arle will live in the Basilicom together after their wedding once he purchases the building, but Arle once again rejects him, and this time without being chained to the wall. Vert and Plutia decide that Satan has caused enough trouble and dont want to get kicked out of their own Basilicom like Noire, so they transform! ...Which Satan completely ignores while he rants about the Angel Academy meeting room and casually slips that he let the evil Angol Mois escape from his custody. Oops! Arle gets angry hearing this, while Lemres and Feli comment on Vert and Plutia's HDD forms, like finally. Satan realizes he's being threatened (also finally), and he flees, swearing that he'll become the main villain of the arc somehow.

Nanako suspects that the evidence left behind of a connection between Kanon and Gamindustri is fake, and the Puyo gang becomes concerned with the safety of Gamindustri and the other Compile Worlds as they contemplate Angol's escape from Satan's custody. And they still haven't solved the mysteries of Arle and Auriol's "destroyed power", Eltia and Chitose's appearances, and the puzzles of the shrine maidens Aoi Azuri, Midori Mizuri, and Akai Suzuri. Oh, Arle, you just can't catch a break.

The sugar-coated trail of a sweet conspiracy

Episode 60 picks up right where the last one left off, with Arle and co. explaining the dangers of Angol Mois to the Neptunia gang. As if by cue though, Alpha shows up, irritating IF. Alpha declares he has created a means of blocking off Angol's magic more permanently: a clone! Nanako dislikes the idea of a potentially evil clone, but Alpha swears he put it through rigorous moral testing to ensure it would not act evil of its own free will. Trusting in Alpha, the large group decides to venture to his "Temporary Lab" to meet the clone... only to discover the FGF Arcade is his temporary lab. What its doing in Leanbox is anybody's guess at this point. Nanako marvels at how it's still in pristine condition despite the fact that Ecolo accidentally the entire Primp two arcs ago. Alpha introduces them to Sigma, who is apparently baking a cake for "Alpha chan". Lemres does the most epic exclamation ever as predicted, and suddenly IF turns on an old computer and manages to contact Juichi. Juichi, confused why he's wearing an unfitting outfit and also inside an FGF computer, remembers he has a very important message to send to everyone: Noire and Lastation are in trouble again and need help! Apparently Histoire is locked away, and the Basilicom has been cordoned off. Arle and IF don't like the sound of this, so its decided everyone will go to Lastation and settle business.

Some epic transformations later, White Feli and the HDD!CPUs fly everyone to Lastation (much to Sigma's discomfort). When they arrive, everyone is gathered around one of the many TV Screens in Lastation. The TV turns on and an enthusiastic woman dressed in Avenir colors appears. She calls herself Praline and begins to hype up the new Mois Praline chocolates, which has everyone going nuts on the ground below our heroes. Her buzz for the candies creates a litteral stampede as she closes the advertisement of a TV show, and everyone believes Angol is pulling the strings of the Mois Praline company, apparently headed by Praline herself. The group decides to visit Chian, as she would know if Mois Praline is really shady or not. Unfortunately, when they arrive at Chian's house, they find Chian, Noire, and Singe all tied up. Noire shows she's still her tsundere self after she's untied, and Chian offers drinks while Noire explains she was tricked by Praline into being kicked out of the Basilicom so Mois Praline could take over with their candy craze.

However, in the kitchen, Chian yells in surprise when someone is there. It turns out to be a girl named Fresa, whom Neptune seems to think is an air freshener. Fresa explains that "Mr. Ganache" will be "oh so cross with her" that she didn't keep the Lastation Basilicom staff tied up. Additionally, she seems irritated that the others have found out a little piece of the conspiracy that seems to be happening in Lastation. Using her cybernetic eye, Fresa deduces Arle is there, and that she has "orders higher than Ganache" to kill Arle. So then she completely destroys Chian's house with a barrage of bazooka casings, some of which can go right through magical force fields. The gang gets split up by the attack as they try to escape her trigger happy madness. The episode closes ominously as Fresa yells that the Neapolitan Trio and Mr. Ganache will get them yet.

Divisions and Reunions

In Episode 61, the focus is on the small groups the party separated into during the escape from Fresa's attack. Neptune, Compa, and Noire end up by themselves. They contemplate their situation, learning that Fresa had led a rather sneaky ambush on Noire in order to subdue her so easily. Nevertheless, the trio swears they will save Lastation once again and fight back against the Neapolitans. This prompts an exhausted Gypsum to emerge from the shadows of hiding, explaining that she is also wanted by Fresa on the premise that she has defected from Angol. She goes on to (rather pessimistically) explain that Fresa is a dangerous foe because her Cybernetic Eye allows her to shoot a Perfect Snipe, which is a shot so deadly accurate there is a less than one percent chance of it missing. Gypsum continues to say that it is both impossible to coerce Fresa with money or disable her Cybernetic Eye, but Noire remains determined to find a weakness in her new arch-nemesis. At that moment, CyberConnect2 appears, and has even more dirt on Angol's schemes to share. Firstly, Histoire has gone missing because she has split into Key Fragments again, in order to prevent Angol from using her knowledge and power for his own gain. CyberConnect2 just happens to be in possession of one of the four fragments. Furthermore, she spreads rumor that a Fake White Heart is working with with Angol to collect the Fragments for him, which Noire realizes is why Ganache is also working with Angol and attempting to silence the Lastation Basilicom's authority. The new party of 5 decides that between Gypsum and the Key Fragments being targets, that it would be dangerous to stay in Lastation. CyberConnect2 takes them to the Azuri Shrine in Planeptune, where Aoi Azuri is peacefully sleeping unaware of what's happened...

Meanwhile, in Leanbox, Alpha and Nanako have just finished tidying up everything in the Arcade, with Alpha sharing another one of his cringe worthy puns. Before they can get uber excited about science and what not, Plutia and Peashy show up, having fled from Lastation entirely. The two explain the situation in their frazzled state, which riles up Alpha because Sigma is missing from their party. Alpha furiously explains that it is dangerous for Sigma to be alone because Sigma becomes overwhelmed by the anxiety and depression of being alone, and therefore vulnerable. He need not remind the party of all the horrible, terrible things Angol will be capable of should Sigma die. Nanako realizes the severity of the situation is actually as bad as Alpha has made it out to be, but before the four of them can move to Lastation to rescue Sigma, Schezo Wegey and Mitsuki attack them, mishearing their conversation and desiring the "power of angels" that Sigma has. They go for a Pair Attack and a meteor strike, which initially catches the group off guard, but Plutia, Peashy, and Nanako are able to subdue Schezo with little effort, forcing them to retreat. Mitsuki muses that it would've just been easier to go look for Sigma themselves in the first place. Alpha takes Plutia and Peashy to a room containing the Regeneration Chambers of the clones to heal their wounds, only to be startled by the sudden appearance of Beta. After some more silly puns and ear twisting, Beta agrees to watch over the Arcade while Nanako, Alpha, and the CPUs search for Sigma in Lastation. Plutia an Peashy take off like jets an go WOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH with Nanako an Alpha, barely even letting them say goodbye.

Back in Lastation, Sigma is still running from the threat of Fresa's attack. Once he is a safe distance, he stumbles around, and begins to cry after realizing he is alone in the large city of Lastation with no way back to Leanbox. However, before his loneliness completely overcomes him, Tech appears and comforts Sigma, explaining that he's lost from his friends too and that they should search together. This manages to cheer Sigman up, and Nanako and Alpha and the others arrive just in time. Sigma embraces Alpha aggressively, happy to be reunited. Tech reveals he is in possession of the second Key Fragment, which Plutia and Peashy recognize. They realize that Histoire has sealed herself to prevent her power from falling into the wrong hands. A mysterious figure appears however, claiming they should give him the Fragment. Tech identifies the man as Vanille, his old teacher. Vanille bitterly responds by pointing out Tech's interest in his male classmates, which Tech defends (though Peashy insists that boobs are better, much to everyone's chagrin). Vanille quickly makes his move, swarming in several large, modified Protectors made of Angolium to attack the party and even the numbers. At first, they attempt to overwhelm him, but Vanille reveals that he has Magic-Piercing Cannons installed on the Tectars to remove their barriers, and then uses his "All Seeing Eyes" to conduct a Forsight and prevent Tech and Plutia from attacking. Nanako tells Tech to take Sigma and the Fragment and book it. Meanwhile, Nanako tries to outwit Vanille's Forsight by launching a sneak attack on his Tectars with IF and Vert. However, Vanille had also predicted this, for while the Tectars were destroyed, Vanille himself was a body double, and the real Vanille had been safe all along. Just when things look bad though, Satan rolls in in a Carbuncle Tank, and Ms. Accord and Popoi roll in in their own tank. Satan and Accord perform a Pair Attack of their own, completely obliterating Neo Tectars Vanille had summoned as reinforcements. Accord then threatens to exploit Vanille's allergy to Hee Hee Tea, and Vanille retreats to regroup and refocus on the Key Fragment that Tech took with him. Satan wheels away to find Arle after being thanked. The rest of the characters file into Accord's tank to return to Leanbox, apparently leaving Sigma and the Key Fragment behind...

Two Sisters and some very Dark Chocolate

Episode 62 continues to advance around Lastation, where Arle is still runnning from the Fresa threat. She finally is able to stop, and meets back up with Chian and Singe, whom she was briefly separated from. Arle is relieved that they're okay, but concerned that they are homeless now, thanks to Fresa destroying Chian's house. Chian and Singe wonder what will become of Avenir, but they dont have much time to ponder before Alpha shows up and makes another bad pun. Tech and Sigma follow behind, and Arle is happy to see them all. She explains she was escaping Fresa, while Alpha and co. explain they themselves had just escaped Vanille's attack. Chian and Singe greet Arle's friends, though when questioning Sigma, he spews out a very long and complex answer, which causes Arle to cut in and say "It's a long story". Tech goes on to explain that the reason they were attacked was for a Key Fragment, which he then emphasizes must NEVER fall into Angol's hands. Meanwhile Alpha concludes that Fresa and Vanille must both work for Angol, since they both pursue goals that would help Angol achieve domination in Gamindustri. Additionally, Alpha learns of Mois Praline, which furthers suspicions.

And as if on cue, every TV in Lastation turns on once again for the Mois Praline show, and all eyes are once again directed at the screen. This time, Praline boldly announces that she has a special guest on the show who will convince skeptics to buy her chocolates. White Heart suddenly appears on the show, much to the horror of Chian and Singe. However, as this special "interview" drags on, they notice that White Heart is selling the chocolates a little too much and is rather polite even in the face of Praline's over the top TV personality. What comes next though, unlike White Heart being fake, shocks the heroes; Mois Praline announces plans to expand to the rest of Gamindustri with a new White Heart Truffle. Special White Heart cardboard cutouts were even prepared for the daring publicity stunt. Besides the heroes, Lastation again was a hot mess running around for chocolate, and the gang noted that they needed to warn Neptune and Vert not to allow expansion of Mois Praline in Leanbox and Planeptune.

Again, by sheer luck of timing, Uni and Falcom arrive in their first RP appearance on a very small airship. After some debating, the group decides it's best if Chian and Singe fly with Uni to warn Neptune about Praline, while Arle, Alpha, Sigma, and Tech stay with Falcom in Lastation to keep the Key Fragment and Sigma safe from Angol, though Uni promises to inform Neptune and the others about where they are, which pleases Alpha. Uni flies the two former Avenir employees to the Basilicom in Planeptune. Unfortunately, Neptune herself isn't home due to the shenanigans of the last two episodes, though Nepgear comes out after dealing with a series of harassing phone calls. However, before they can explain in any detail why they're here, Praline herself shows up personally, along with an airship full of goons. Praline is trying to persuade the staff to let her discuss with Neptune and Nepgear about expanding Mois Praline, but the staff insists that Neptune does not authorize any sweets besides Compa's Delicious Pudding. This causes Praline to call her goons on the lone staff member, while Singe exposes himself and calls for security robots. Praline is instantly irritated that Ganache and Fresa didn't completely silence Avenir and the Lastation Basilicom staff, so she calls for backup despite mumbling about how it will ruin her publicity in Planeptune. Singe locks Praline and her two men inside, and more flood from the airship to try and come to her aid, beginning a battle at the Basilicom.

Nepgear and Uni transform to their HDD forms to deal with the goons outside, while Singe and the robots defend against Praline. Praline and her employees demonstrate surprising agility, weaving through laser fire and chasing after Singe. Nepgear and Uni manage to outright kill most of the Praline Goons outside, though their strange possessed nature allows them to ignore their fatal wounds as they call for reinforcements. Similarly on the inside, Praline uses her goons as literal meat shields, who ignore their wounds and continue covering for her until the staff and robots pin them down. Nepgear and Uni manage to steal the Praline airship and batter it around, defeating the remaining goons aboard. Meanwhile, inside, the robots get a sucessful shot on Praline, but she remains unfazed, yelling about her suit. She attempts to brainwash the staff, but it fails since the staff only values loli appeal, so she instead brainwashes Singe, capturing him and escaping in the process. Uni and Nepgear learn the bad news from Chian, who was also sniping goons from the window the entire time, and speculate that she can't be far since she ran away on foot. However, in the time she did have, she's probably managed to escape, so for now Singe is her hostage...!

The Counterattack: Phase 1

Episode 63 finally picks up with where the Accord Tank (driven by Nanako)™ was seen last, driving back to Leanbox. Nanako and co. reflect on the battle that just took place, as well as the importance of Sigma and the Key Fragment that they were forced to leave behind in Lastation. Accord muses about how Nanako has been doing, unable to believe herself that Vanille had just attacked them. The gang quickly arrives in Leanbox, where Nanako parks the tank. Nanako and Juichi return to the FGF Lab to continue planning a counter for the Neapolitan Trio. Accord meanwhile, takes the Neptunia characters to Primp Magic School, which has also somehow ended up in Leanbox. Amitie and Sig appear, greeting their special guests in their usual well-mannered, but aloof sort of way. While Peashy and Plutia bombard the students with playful spirit, Ms. Accord and Vert realize that the students may probably need to play a larger role in he upcoming events, since the threat of Angol Mois' stronghold in Lastation becomes more agressive with each day. Amitie and Sig agree to help, though they're reluctant at first due to the way Accord phrased the request for their participation.

Soon after, Raffine shows up, after being absent for pretty much the entirety of Compile Worlds, announcing that she will take care of the problem. Everyone is sort of confused by her haughty confidence, as Raffine's magic doesn't nearly compare to Amitie and Sig's, but Vert says that she would be a good asset regardless. As the CPUs, IF, and Primp Students decide that they should attack Vanille, Accord reveals a strange event with him involving his contact lenses for an unknown reason. Before everyone can head out though, Beta suddenly appears, claiming that Nanako and the FGF Lab are under fire. Raffine tells everyone else to go deal with that while she handles Lastation alone, but Vert and Plutia volunteer to help Beta instead, allowing Accord to stay at the school and the Students to take on Vanille with IF as planned. The parties involved then all go their separate ways. With Vert and PLutia's help, they're able to shoot down the aircraft attacking FGF, allowing Nanako to rest up while Beta reinforces the defenses. The airship crashes, revealing it was the Mois Praline airship that was stolen by Uni and Nepgear in the previous episode. Confusion ensues as Nepgear and Uni have a brief argument about how the airship's weapon and autopilot systems activated by themselves and attacked Nanako.

While Uni is more concerned about finding Neptune and Noire, Nepgear and Nanako are somewhat distressed the enemy tech is destroyed after stealing it to make use of it. Beta resolves that she'll accompany Uni to find Neptune (after Uni complains about being separated from Nepgear), while Nepgear stays behind with Vert and Nanako to help out with salvaging the aircraft. Beta and Uni go to Planeptune, where they find Gypsum searching for anyone who might have ended up in Planeptune that could help them. She is briefly startled, though apologizes to Beta for being Angol's assistant, which she brushes off, since Angol is the common enemy of everyone at the moment. Gypsum leads Uni and Beta to the Azuri Shrine, where Uni informs the party there about what happened. Noire becomes upset with Uni, and a brief sisterly argument ensues over one another's safety and inaction. When Uni storms off, Noire blames herself for Uni putting herself in danger, though a pep talk from CC2 picks her right up again. Gypsum changes the subject by noting that since she created Angolium, she can develop a way to pierce it. With this in mind, the Azuri Party decides to go after Fresa while the students go after Vanille.

The Judge's Verdict

Meanwhile, in the same episode, back at FGF, Phi had woken up from a long slumber inside the lab, and helps with fixing up the lab after the attack. Once that's done, Nanako thanks the others for their help, and they work on salvaging the airship together. While Vert gathers resources and Nepgear fixes the external damage, Nanako and Phi hop inside, probing around to see how the Airship works. Phi recognizes Angol's technology and alloys, and claims that by merging them with Ecolo and Alpha's technology, they would be able to enhance the Airship's weapons and defenses with Nanako's crystal energy and other magical sources. Working together, the four of them completely repair and upgrade the airship, and Nanako has a daring plan for getting Uni herself to pilot it in their fight against Praline, seeing as how the latter will eventually probably come to Leanbox for some business or another...

Back in Lastation, Angol Mois is meeting with Praline and Vanill in the Lastation Basilicom, where he is checking in on the status of the various facets of his plans. Praline and Vanille are hesitant to give him the bad news. Angol gives them harsh words for their hiccups, but seems relatively calm that things are progressing towards his intended finale. His minions reveal that 4 Key Fragments have been located, that the chocolates have at least been consumed by all of Lastation, and that Avenir is silenced for good with Praline's hypnotism of Singe. Angol asks Vanille about the status of something called "Motherboard", which Vanille hesitantly reveals to be on schedule. Vanille concernedly questions Angol about going through with Motherboard, but Angol silences him sternly. He dismisses the two, making them focus their efforts on collecting the Key Fragments since the other parts of the plan are falling into place.

Angol muses to himself silently in the room, noting that while he berated his minions in person, he believes that Arle (who he knows is without magic) and Eldora (who doesn't have jurisdiction over Gamindustri) are responsible for the interference in his plans. On cue with Angol's dialogue, Daichi suddenly appears in the basilicom, literally ripping Angol's door right off of it's hinges with his firey strength. Daichi confronts Angol, finally calling out that he's literally done every evil thing you can do in Compile Worlds besides turning Sig into a baby. Daichi asks him what happened to his promise, but Angol reminds Daichi that he made no such promise back then, and was never obligated to change his ways. This enrages Daichi, who likens Angol with the likes of other villains, and tells him that his warped sense of justice is no better than their world destroying evil. Angol has Daichi removed, his scheduled appearance being past done. Angol heads to Gamindustri Graveyard, where he seeks to personally pick up a Key Fragment held there.

However, when he lands, he is greeted by CFW Judge, who has the Key Fragment. Angol demands that Judge hand it to him, threatening him should he resist. Judge is unamused though, and brushes him off, calling him a zero and beheading the hapless Helicopter pilot that brought him there. Infuriated, Angol attempts to slash at Judge with his Angolian Claymore, but is only able to cause a slight scratch to Judge's Armor. Judge then off handedly reveals that he is the person who cleaned up during the aftermath of The Tournament, which confuses the berserking Angol. Angol is trapped in the Anti-Crystal Cage by Judge, who leaves him there to swear revenge while he continues patrolling the Graveyard at his leisure.

The Counterattack: Phase 2

Episode 64 launches the protagonist's counterattack right away, starting with the gang at the Azuri Shrine. Continuing to ignore the comatose Aoi Azuri, Noire and the others continue to hype up their bitter feelings about Fresa and her savage destruction of Chian's house. Gypsum reveals her weakness in that she has become too reliant on her Cybernetic Eye to make perfect shots. The party creates a stealth plan involving Gypsum luring Fresa to the shrine, and then following up by sniping her eye and ambushing her while she's distracted with Gypsum. However, things do not go according to keikaku, as Fresa showed up in a giant spider mech with several mounted turrets. Gypsum, regretting signing up for this, forces the party to ambush Fresa earlier than anticipated. Luckily, the party is able to use sheer force to dismantle her apparently cheaply made mech rather easily, forcing her to blow it up. Looks like Angol skimped on the budget for his assassin. Oops! Fresa is about to take aim at Gypsum from midair, and everyone is leaping to protect her from a bazooka casing of certain death. Uni snipes her eye, disarming her momentarily and creating a hole in her eye. Gypsum follows up with an epic clipboard toss, and it pierce's through Fresa's eye even more. Fresa falls to the ground and is completely unable to do anything due to the immense amount of pain she is in.

Compa and Neptune run off nearly immediately to eat victory pudding, after deciding that Fresa doesn't get any. Noire, Gypsum, Uni, and CyberConnect2 drag Fresa to the Planeptune Basilicom, which has just barely recovered from the Praline attack from the previous episode. Chian and the staff ensure Fresa is safely secured. Meanwhile, Chian and Noire catch up, Neptune arriving and not really caring about the mess the Basilicom is in. Kei Jinguji arrives to say that Lastation's Basilicom is in a pretty sorry state itself, having gotten an Angolian makeover. Kei recalls the horrors of being kicked out by Angol, which only fuels Noire's anger for him. However, they then remember that Praline is still left to deal with...

Elsewhere, Amitie, Sig, Raffine, IF, and Peashy arrive in Lastation. The atmosphere is tense, though they manage to ease it up by talking about the crowds going crazy over the White Heart truffles. Soon, the crowds clear out to make way for Vanille and some more tanks. Amitie halts him, demanding him to submit to arrest. Vanille laughs and shrugs this off, finding it amusing that Accord sent a bunch of children after him after the last battle, and immediately attacks. The Tectars manage to be little more than a distraction, but Vanille himself proves to be more challenging. Raffine tries to cast magic, IF tries to slash, and Sig goes straight for his face, but each and every one of these attacks is in vain as Vanille dodges them all and launches counterattacks with his All Seeing Eyes. Vanille calls in reinforced Neo Tectars to replace the others, and mocks the party for being unable to inflict any serious harm on him.

However, Amitie and Sig finally decide it's time to transform, so Amitie becomes Red Amitie, while Sig becomes Black Sig. Sig attacks Vanille again, Vanille dodges, but Sig expects him to dodge and counter this time; he only confirms the hint Accord gave to defeat him. The three students remember at once the story Accord told about the missing contact lenses, startling Vanille. Vanille panics and tries to launch a larger attack, but Amitie just completely shrugs it off with a barrier, the reinforced Tectars having been rid of their MPCs by Peashy and IF. The cream-haired villain panics even more at Amitie and Sig's immense power surge. Raffine meanwhile, finally decides she can't handle being weaker than Sig and Amitie and runs off crying, jealous of their powered up forms. IF, Peashy, and Sig take the opening made by Amitie's reflection and ambush Vanille, causing him to lose hold of his contacts. He is promptly restrained afterwards. As Vanille begs for his contacts back, as they are designed to control his All Seeing Eyes, IF wonders where to confine him. They decide the Lastation Basilicom would be the best place had it not been Angoled. But never fear, for Daichi is here! Following the brief embarrassment of everyone having forgotten his name, Daichi tells the gang that not only did Angol leave the Basilicom, but he senses that Angol is currently being imprisoned by a higher power. The party is relieved to hear the good news, and they drag Vanille away, but not before he points out Daichi's resemblance and strange relationship with Angol.

Back in Lastation, the Key Fragment party gets comfortable in Falcom's Fishing Resort Island. Arle muses that the fish must be protecting the place, while Alpha tries to revive a bad mibbit chat joke to no avail. Tech takes out the Key Fragment again, and Falcom explains its importance as a fragment of Histoire. Furthermore, she goes on to explain who Histoire is. Alpha, realizing that Angol's appearance and her splitting coincided, theorizes that she was split in order to prevent Angol from obtaining her power, though they are still unsure why exactly he desires her power in the first place. Just then, Raffine shows up, still salty about the previous encounter with Vanille. However, Raffine is not met with much sympathy after she explains the situation revolving around Vanille and her transforming classmates, so she attempts to run away crying again. Falcom prevents her from leaving though, and they all have a friendly fishing contest to cheer up and celebrate Vanille's defeat. Alpha wins the contest (who knew he was a good fisher?) and cackles maniacally, while Raffine vows to beat them. Tech gives up on trying to convince her it's okay to lose and watches TV, and the others follow suit.

The Counterattack: The Final Phase!

After Shinghi accidentally the entire Falcom Island into the chat, Episode 65 returns back to Noire, who is preparing to leave with Uni and Compa to go to Leanbox. After Uni freaks Noire out with talks of stolen Basilicoms and stolen airships, they head out for Leanbox. It doesn't take them long to arrive, but as soon as they do, they are ambushed by the ever so devious Schezo and Mitsuki, who are still trying to find "the Power of Angels" and haven't yet realized what they're actually after is Angol Mois' magic. Of course, Noire decides to deal with it quickly by just tossing Schezo into whatever's nearby... which happens to be Draco Centauros. Draco is not too pleased about having a pervert launched at her. Her attempts to correct Schezo and Mitsuki are in vain though, as they continue to lust after angels and power regardless. Soon enough, Feli and Lemres return, having missed action for nearly the entire arc since disappearing in Episode 60. Lemres discusses candy, while Feli is mistaken for an angel thanks to her costume. Jan appears to get the cast to evoke Satan's name, which promptly summons him to the scene as well. Jan and Satan brag about the size of their castle and DIAMONDS as usual, while Draco just wants to know where the Arcade is.

After arguing about the value and edibility of Diamonds, Midori Mizuri, another character absent long from the RP, shows up to pacify everyone with Muffins. While Schezo and Mitsuki are distracted worshiping the shrine maiden's baking, Draco tries to brag about saving Primp from a Meteor strike, but Satan corrects her, noting that Draco actually fell from grace during that period. During this banter, Noire remembers that they're there to stage a couterattack against Praline, like, finally, and Midori declares a Muffin War against Praline, taking pretty much all of the silly characters away with her, leaving just Feli and Draco to follow Noire to the FGF Arcade, despite Uni warning that Draco is probably up to no good.

After that long-winded series (of set series) of distractions, the two parties meet up at the Arcade. Nanako and Phi are happy to see some familiar faces, while Nepgear and Uni have a touching reunion of their own. The greetings don't last long, however, as Vert points out Praline's Airship army approaching Leanbox rapidly. After Nanako mistakenly claims she can fly Helpicopters, Uni, the CPUs, Compa, Feli, and Phi all file into the renovated FGF Airship, while Nanako and Draco hold fort below in the Arcade. The ship takes off, and they realize that Praline has brought the Praline Master Airship to the fight, along with a plethora of goonie ships. Phi comments that their weapons and defenses should be able to handle it. Once the ships get close, they stop, and Praline opens a communication line. Praline tries to negotiate with Vert, but loses her composure when Uni flings a bunch of insults at her, including "fake breasted". Nevertheless, Vert assures Praline that her decision to let Mois Praline expand is a firm "no". Praline sics her goons on the FGF Airship, beginning the final battle of the Lastation Arc!

At first, the fight is easy. Feli, the HDD CPUs, and the Crystal Cannons on the FGF Airship easily decimate most of the small fry airships. More sturdy ones are called in for reinforcements, however, and Praline doesn't wait long to reveal her trump card for the battle: A remodeled, Big Ass Shadow Cannon™. Praline fired the weapon without much hesitation, forcing Uni to focus on dodging the beams instead of attacking the main ship as Draco and Phi tried to explain the dangers of the weapon they possessed. Seeing this, Feli swooped in and destroyed some goons manning turrets from below, creating an opening for herself and the other CPUs to get into the ship and deal with Praline personally. After a bit of struggle on the outside and in, the CPUs and Feli confront Praline, who is waiting for them at the BASC™ with two minions. While Noire kills the minions to stop the cannon, Praline whips Vert with her evil... Chocolate Whips? Either way, Vert gets hurt, causing Nepgear and Noire to viciously counterattack Praline. More goons show up, and things look desperate as Praline calls for Singe's backup.

Suddenly, however, a barrage of missiles comes out of nowhere. The Missiles mostly... well... miss, and end up destroying a fair amount of Leanbox's civilian areas. However, one missile finally hits the Praline Master Airship, which also takes the rest of the Praline Airships and the FGF Airship with it in the resulting destruction. The CPUs are knocked out of HDD form and Feli from her White Feli form as they plummet to the ground, taking a really heavy beating. Uni and Plutia manage to get Phi and Compa to saftey. The FGF Airship destroys the roof of the FGF Arcade, much to Nanako's chagrin. Speaking of Nanako's luck, an angry Praline who is failing to contact Angol falls right into her arms. Praline kicks Nanako in the face and tries to make a run for it, but fails because you don't run in high heels. Nanako quickly binds her to make sure she doesn't get away, and Compa and Phi heal the wounds of the CPUs.

The heroes look on in horror at the destruction and wreckage scattered about Leanbox. Praline meanwhile, says her last curtain call line, warning that Angol's plans are still in motion regardless of their capture. She is promptly locked away in the Leanbox Basilicom, and Chika Hakozaki is asked by Vert to look into the Missile attack. Much to everyone's surprise, the missiles came from Lowee, and their purpose was to "break a barrier". Furthermore, other mysterious files, such as "Shrine Maiden", "The War on Praline", "Key Fragment", and "Histoire's Barrier" are in the database of files related to the incident. Feli suddenly realizes that Akai Suzuri is in Lowee, ad that she may well be part of the conspiracy behind the missile strike. Feli resolves to warn Arle that the time has finally come for the answers of the The Transition's mysteries, as well as the ones that have slowly creeped up in Gamindustri inbetween Angol's ferocious attacks. The CPUs decide it would be a good idea to visit Lowee as well, to check on the real Blanc and see how Lowee has reacted to Angol's brief occupation of Lastation. However, everyone is pooped for now, so they all decide to celebrate and eat some Winner Pudding instead.

  • This marks the end of The Lastation Arc. While Angol Mois and his evil Neapolitan Trio are in custody, their evil plans continue to unfold in unknown ways. Furthermore, the disappearance of Histoire, the link between the Magical Worlds and Gamindustri, the mysterious CFW Judge, and the strange disposition of Lowee have all been brought to light as well. The Key Fragments are all in place. Will Arle Nadja get her magic back? What has become of the legendary hero Lagnus the Brave? What are the mysterious project Motherboard and the other links of Angol's Plans? What is the true nature of Akai Suzuri, the shrine maiden who revived Eltia? WHat are the deeper meanings behind Histoire's actions...? Tune in for The Lowee Arc of Compile ♥ Worlds to come along for the ride as we find out!


  • This will be the first arc in which a clone not created by Ecolo will be introduced.
  • This is the first arc to feature Compile Heart properties and references, namely Neptunia.
    • This is also the first instance in which Neptunia canon is taken into creative license, since Ganache's loyalty to being good is somewhat questionable and convenient.