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Summary of Protagonists and Lands

The four Lands (or continents) of Gamindustri, the four (non-DLC) goddesses, four possible settings, and four colors all nicely line up with each other, so they'll be listed in a table:

NameTaglineSettingNameTitlePlayable from
PlaneptuneLand of Purple ProgressFuturisticNeptunePurple HeartChapter 1
LastationLand of Black RegalitySteampunkNoireBlack HeartChapter 2 (temporary)
Chapter 5 (permanent)
LeanboxLand of Green PasturesMedievalVertGreen HeartChapter 3
LoweeLand of White SerenitySnowy & magicalBlancWhite HeartChapter 4

There are two more goddesses who do not make appearance in cutscenes in Re;birth1 as they are DLC characters: Plutia / Iris Heart and Peashy / Yellow Heart.

The other playable characters are:

The goddesses are also known as CPUs (Console Patron Units). Each of them has a normal form, in which they appear like any normal human, and they can also transform into another form known as HDD (Hard Drive Divinity). In this form, they change personality (with one exception), change appearance, and have higher stats, but it takes 20% of their SP to transform (unless done as part of a scripted event).



  • Arfoire is pretty much the main villain of the game, though it's not yet known if a Big Bad will appear in the route to the true ending.
    • She impersonates many others, leading you to think they are also villains, but really they're all the same person. This includes Conversation (of whom a real version is never seen) and White Heart.
    • Overlord Momus isn't really a villain in its own right. It's just a huge monster thing that Arfoire creates out of people's fear, which is invincible... until everyone stops believing in it.
  • Ganache is an important sub-villain who has a high position in Avenir, an evil company which has all but taken over Lastation until you oust them in Chapter 5.
    • Singe, the top boss of Avenir, isn't really much of a villain. As soon as the company is broken up, he comes round and works for Chian and Noire instead.
  • The Mysterious Instigator that gets everything going in the first place may or may not be a villain and may or may not be Arfoire or someone connected to her.

Regular enemies

Main article: Neptunia Bestiary
  • There are many hostile monsters found throughout the game, all of which are created by Arfoire through the use of Enemy Discs.
  • Similarly, there are many hostile robots - usually but not always found in factory or cyber settings - all of which are created by Avenir, and often the boss robots are ordered to fight you by Ganache himself.
  • At certain points, there are also humans making up Lowee's military that you have to fight as regular enemies, due to Fake White Heart (who is actually Arfoire) telling the military that you are an enemy.
    • This is especially confusing, since said humans are cute girls just like your party members!

Legendary weapons

Each of the Lands had a legendary weapon, which you obtain in separate quests in Chapter 7 (with the possible exception of Neptune's since she and her Basilicom are busy being derps).

The weapons are:

  • Planeptune - Trinity Blade
  • Lastation - Dual Revolver
  • Leanbox - Wisdom Bow
  • Lowee - Trust Spear

The Wisdom Bow and Trust Spear are so deteriorated by the time the protagonists get to them that they are completely useless as weapons, and have to be remade - into a spear and a hammer respectively (because we can't have our playable characters changing weapon classes mid-game, oh no). The Dual Revolver on the other hand is blown up when Fake Black Heart self-destructs, leaving it in much the same state, and so it is remade into a sword.