Pulling a Sig (ConceptTopic, 16)

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Pulling a Sig is the name given to a reoccurring trope in Compile Worlds and Compile ♥ Worlds. The name of this trope refers to Sig, the primary character that evokes the trope. The trope is evoked in two different flavors; there's the variant where the character evoking the trope spends so much on screen time sleeping that it has to be pointed out at some point, and the other is when a character's mysterious absence from several RP episodes is explained by them taking a "nap" and then waking up to rejoin the action. Sig has both woken up and fallen asleep many times on screen, and has probably spent the most time sleeping on screen. Arle Nadja however, fell asleep on screen during The Transition and her sleep lasted nearly an entire year and a half of real time before the episode she woke up. More recently, Phi also returned from being absent in the The Lastation Arc in this manner. Plutia almost always seems to be sleeping on screen or half asleep, so she is constantly pulling a Sig.