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Praline is a character in Compile ♥ Worlds. She is the eponymous CEO of Mois Praline, and apparently both an adept business woman and master chocolateer. However, she is actually a member of the Neapolitan Trio, a villainous trope that serves Angol Mois. She made her rather elaborate debut in Episode 60, where she introduced herself and her company by advertising its chocolates to the people of Lastation. She is currently locked up in the Leanbox Basilicom, where she can no longer do any harm... for now.


Not much is known about Praline's history. However, she appeared in Lastation not too long before the appearance of the Puyo characters and posed as a Lastation Basilicom staff in order to trick Noire into thinking she had earned a one-day vacation, free of worry or obligation. Once Noire was out of the Basilicom, Praline launched Mois Praline, where her chocolates were such an instant success no one noticed that other villainous agents were exalting the Lastation Basilicom workers and the CPU herself. By the time she debuts in Episode 60, she has all but taken over Lastation in the candy craze that she has created.

Personality-wise, Praline seems to be an energetic and diva-like woman, telling the entire continent of Lastation that she loves them at the end of her show. She is also quite a spokeswoman, as she self advertises her own candies with amazing persuasion. She can rile up a crowd with great enthusiasm and relative ease with her larger than life personality and literally sweet talk. She also seems somewhat vain, naming all of the confections after herself and her company. Of course, she may also just be building up a brand image. In person, she was shown to be easily annoyed and impatient, contrasting with her nurturing and sugary camera personality. She still liked to ham it up though.

Praline, like the other members of her trio, has a unique power involving her eyes. In her case, it is the ability to brainwash people by making eye contact with them. However, like pretty much all brainwashing tropes, this is subject to be effective based on the individual; the Planeptune Basilicom Staff were so foolishly devoted to Neptune that they refused to work for Praline even after attempting brainwash. However, it worked on Singe, much to the chagrin of the heroes. Praline is also surprisingly agile, and can make her chocolates into attacks to defend herself if necessary. Her true battle capability, however, is still a mystery.


Praline is a French confectionery that is typically composed of crushed almonds and caramelized sugar, though it is also a German word that can mean "chocolate candy", which she specializes in. Interestingly, when you search for Praline in Google, Ganache comes up in "other searches".


  • Well, that's all for today folks! I'm your gorgeous CEO, Praline! Thank you all for tuning in! I love you all! Mwah mwah, kisses! Buh Bye! — Her catchphrase when ending a Mois Praline Show.
  • You heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen, your lovely White Heart just LOVES our new chocolates!Episode 62
  • Oh Singe! Come here! I just want to talk to you about your work on Avenir!... and how it shouldn't exist!♥ — Episode 62
  • Don't worry boss man, you can count on Praline~Episode 63
  • Don't think just because you've captured me that everything is fine and snickerdoodle dandy.Episode 65


  • Praline shares many similarities with Ganache, a villain in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth1.
    • They both wear nearly identical outfits and have messy brown hair.
    • They are both named after confectionery/chocolate related items.
    • They are both in a position of power in a corporation that has usurped power in Lastation from Noire.