Azuri Shrine (InstanceTopic, 22)

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The Azuri Shrine, formerly known as the Holy Dinner Shrine, is a shrine dedicated to Dinner in Compile Worlds. It is one of three major shrines in Compile ♥ Worlds: the other two being the Muffin Town Shrine and the Suzuri Shrine. Its holy text is The Menu, supervised by the King, and it lacks a proper shrine maiden. It played little importance in Compile Worlds 1, other than being where Feli transformed into White Feli. In Compile ♥ Worlds, however, the Shrine is revealed to have more significance, especially in conjunction with the other shrines in the CW world(s). Nanako, Feli, and Lemres were desperately searching for its shrine maiden, Aoi Azuri, until they realized they all had the attention span of a goldfish and that she was there all along. It is also a sanctuary for a fugitive Arle Nadja, who is being hunted fervently by both Satan and the general public.

In Episode 61, the shrine was revealed to have been transported to Planeptune, and somehow in the process it grew to about five times the size. It was found by CyberConnect2 with only a sleeping and unwakeable Aoi inside, who later led a party of all-Neptunia characters plus Gypsum there, none of whom recognised what it really was as they spontaneously claimed it as their base. At the same time, it was renamed to the Azuri Shrine reflecting its changed and more serious role.