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Noire is the goddess of Lastation. Prior to the events of the first game, however, she was ousted from the Basilicom by Avenir's goons. Although she is the first goddess you meet (other than Neptune herself), she's the last to join your party proper, since after a brief arc in Chapter 2, she's busy mending Lastation behind the scenes, all by herself without any support from the Basilicom. She rejoins your party in Chapter 5, and finally gets back into power in Chapter 6, when Avenir is is broken up.

Noire is a tsundere, especially when dealing with Neptune. There's a running gag about Neptune often calling Noire a loner - which was probably true before she and the rest of your party came along. When transformed into Black Heart, the tsundere personality all but disappears in favor of a very confident one, but otherwise she is mostly the same.

Of all the goddesses, she is the most hardworking - what with Neptune being an airhead, Vert spending all her time on video games, and Blanc similar to Vert but with reading and writing novels instead - meanwhile, Noire's mind is always focused on Lastation and its people. In fact, we should probably say she is the only one who is hardworking.


  • Neptune: I wanted to be the one to help her...
  • Neptune: We're best buds after all!
  • Noire: I'm fine! I can take care of myself.
  • Neptune: Right Noire? *gives her a big hug*
  • Noire: I have to take care of-- Neptune!
  • Neptune: Yes, yes, you have to take care of me, I understand~ ♥
  • Noire: T-That's not what I m-- Nevermind.
  • Noire: See Neptune? This is what happens when you're not a responsible CPU like me!
...ten minutes of conversation later...
  • Noire: Uni thinks she has to take on the world by herself... And it's because I'm a lousy CPU.
...after the RP...
  • Keiji: Noire is a responsible lousy CPU.
  • Chao: Poor Noire. She only does everything.
  • Chao: and that apparently includes being both lousy and responsible.


  • Noire's voice actor is the same as Ringo's. Coincidence? I think not!