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Aoi Azuri is a new character introduced in Compile ♥ Worlds. She, along with Akai Suzuri and Midori Mizuri, is one of the three shrine maidens that will be a crucial plot point in the first arc of the RP, being the maiden of the Holy Dinner Shrine.

Character Concept

Since Muffin Town and the Holy Dinner Shrine were appearing in C♥W and playing an important part, Keiji decided that there needed to be three shrine maidens to go with these shrines. Set to appear in Episode 56, each of the three players was assigned to develop a shrine maiden, with Akkie being assigned Aoi. Her name was decided when a red-green-blue motif was selected for the maidens.


Not much is currently known about the backstory of any of the three shrine maidens. Their families share a common ancestor, Asumi, who is now but a spirit. The three mikos also seem to have known each other and have a sisterhood somewhat. How well they know one another or for how long is another matter entirely.

Aoi shows the most determination to her duties among the three maidens. She is also somewhat short tempered; threatening to eat Angol Mois for his offense against the shrine made in her absence. However, she seems to keep busy by constantly running errands and neglecting to let anyone know she's left. She is also polite and rarely raises her voice, despite being very angry sometimes. Aoi is also forgiving, as shown when she pardons Lagnus for eating the Golden Apple that Angol had wrongfully created with her shrine's powers. Aoi also isn't one to get caught up in trivial matters, and easily dispels the party's arguing by bringing up more important situations.


Aoi is the Japanese word for blue, which is the color of the clothing she wears and the color the Holy Dinner Shrine represents. Azuri comes from "Azuli", a silly portmanteau of "azure" and "lapis lazuli" that Chao pulled out of his ass. The l was changed to an r to match the "-zuri"s of the other maiden's names.


  • Aoi is the first new character that Akkie has introduced to the RP since Strigina Reuiss, who was introduced in SHAME.