FGF Airship (ConceptTopic, 23)

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The FGF Airship is an airship that appears in Compile ♥ Worlds. It was stolen from Mois Praline by Uni and Nepgear during an attack on Planeptune's Basilicom, and was subsequently coined as property of FGF Research Co., after upgrades and refurbishing.


In Episode 62, Praline attacks the Planeptune Basilicom when Nepgear and the staff resist her "negotiations" to expand Mois Praline to Planeptune. During the ensuing battle, Uni and Nepgear steal one of the Mois Praline airships parked outside, used by Praline and her goons to come to Planeptune. They batter it around in order to defeat the goons and prevent Praline from having an (easy) escape route. They then take the ship back to Leanbox to have it repaired and investigated for clues. However, in Episode 63 the ship takes control over itself and attacks the FGF Research Co., prompting Nanako and several CPUs to force it to crash land. Vert, Nanako, Plutia, Nepgear, and Phi repair and modify the ship later after the dust settles, retrofitting it with a new defense system and several new weaponns, including Crystal Cannons.

In Episode 65, the ship finally sees action again, functioning at 100%, when it is used by the gang to fight against Praline and her Praline Master Airship. While the FGF Airship is easily able to decimate the smaller airships with relative ease, but Praline is able to destroy most of the bottom half of the ship with her Big Ass Shadow Cannon™. The airship spends the rest of the battle dodging BASC blasts. Ultimately, it gets taken out when a mysterious missile barrage destroys Praline's ship and catches the FGF one in the blast, sending it straight into the FGF Research Co. Building and destroying the roof, again, much to Nanako's dismay.

The airship is now totaled, never to fight again.