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Nepgear is Neptune's little sister and the second (arguably third) goddess of Planeptune. She is the main protagonist of the second game.

While Neptune is a complete airhead (when not in HDD form anyway), Nepgear is far more reliable and hardworking, though not as much as Noire. Nepgear is actually a little taller than Neptune, and this combined with her more mature personality leads many other characters who do not previously know them to assume that Nepgear is actually the older sister.

At the beginning of her debut game she is certainly the only one of the younger sister CPUs who could actually run a country (with Uni becoming more confident through the course of the game), though ironically, for exactly this reason, she was the only one of the younger sisters that ended up tied up with the four older sisters for three years at the start of the game, before IF and Compa manage to save her (and her alone). This results in all of the countries being run by the so-called Oracles instead.

In terms of pure physical strength, Nepgear is arguably second only to Peashy, and is certainly confident when it comes to her abilities in CHW.


Nepgear has a Resident lookalike whom we shall refer to as Nepugia (as that is her name in the English Re;birth games), but also goes by Nepgeo and Nepugima depending on the game and language. Nepugia's dress is black instead of white and she wears a two-colored heart clip instead of Nepgear's D-pad clip, but other than that they look identical. Each time she appears, she usually taunts the player with a suggestive invitation, then follows up with "Did you think I was Nepgear? Nope! It's me, Nepugia!".

The two-colored heart clip that Nepugia wears is the same as that used in Underling and Warechu's designs, and is somewhat reminiscient of the Act Against AIDS campaign referred to by some of Compile's earlier works.