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Puyo Puyo Tetris, stylized on the logo as Puyopuyo Tetris is the newly-announced game in the Puyo series, combining Puyo Puyo gameplay with Tetris (and Rider's head boobs). It will be released on February 6, 2014.


Specializing in Puyo Puyo

Specializing in Tetris


Character Reveal History

Initially, T, S, and I were revealed as tantalizing silhouettes, and until November 24th, 2013 they hadn't given us a glimpse at them. To celebrate, SEGA is also releasing an "Arle Ver. 4" card for Puyo Puyo Quest! (...not that you care)

On December 12th, 2013, SEGA announced that Raffine, Rulue, and Suketoudara would return as Legacy Characters. Not very surprising, to say the least.

On December 18th, 2013, Maguro appeared in gameplay during the brief segment for Puyo Puyo Tetris during the Japanese Nintendo Direct broadcast. Additionally, two new twin girl characters were revealed in the same gameplay footage, battling Maguro. Though their color scheme and nature as twins foreshadowed this, they were revealed to be J and L... which means L is not the boss. :(

Only a day after that, and nearly 24 hours before Puyo Tetris was scheduled to appear on the Jump Festa floor, Maguro and Risukuma were confirmed by news sites to be playable and had their official artwork revealed. However, the identities of the Twins (accidentally?) revealed in the Nintendo Direct were not revealed.

On December 20th, 2013, two tweets regarding Jump Festa revealed that Klug was going to return, as well as confirming the last of the Tetris characters. The Twins are L and J, and there is also Z, a giant robot. Thus, all 7 Tetris characters have been revealed!

On December 21st, 2013, the entire character select screen was leaked. There are 24 characters in total, and Sig was confirmed to be among them. Silhouettes of eight others can be seen, but it is not yet clear who they are.

On January 9th, 2014, Witch and Draco were confirmed, with another set of characters set to appear on January 16th. Just before the 16th's reveal, however, Famitsu revealed Schezo Wegey and Ecolo on January, 15th. On the 16th, the official website updated with profiles for Schezo, J & L, and Z.

On January 30th, 2014, SEGA revealed a new character occupying the last slot of the character roster. He was initially teased as a mystery boss similar to the way Ecolo was, but then revealed to be a character named X later on.

No Lagnus or Seriri. ;-; Isn't it sad, Seriri and Lagnus?

Adventure Mode

Divided into chapters containing 10 stages each, Adventure mode replaces the story mode of previous titles. Each chapter may contain single player stages as well as stages vs. computer characters, and no chapter is locked to a particular character necessarily, unlike the previous anniversary titles.


Ringo wonders around Suzuri, thinking it will be just another boring day... Until Amitie and Arle appear! Ringo, Amitie and Arle are about to party hard when suddenly, the sky starts raining Tetrominoes! Before the three girls can contemplate how this sounds vaguely like the previous game's story mode, a mysterious light warps them out of Suzuri...

Chapter 1

Ringo appears aboard the Spaceship Tet. Confused, she exchanges a flurry of words with T in a panic, and when the two try to settle their differences by engaging in some ass-kicking puzzle style... they learn they don't play the same puzzle game! Regardless, T demonstrates the power of Tetris to Ringo, and they tour the ship. They soon find S verbally abusing Amitie, forcing T to come in and break it up, only for Amitie to start another puzzle game war with him. After he rounds up Amitie and calms S down, they continue to search the ship for the remaining female protagonist. Instead however, they turn up I, who is being antagonized by Twins J and L. T once again breaks it up, and T and I have a quick Tetris match. The crew ventures deeper into the ship, where they discover Arle screaming to be saved from Z... wait... Arle? Screaming for help?! THIS CANT BE RIGHT! Things correct themselves quickly though when T appears and suddenly makes Arle turn her badass switch back on again. The now bipolar Arle attacks T and the protagonists have an epic puzzle battle. Once the fight is over though, everbody wants to party. Suddenly though, Spaceship Tet is attacked by a blizzard of Puyo. Making like Puyo Puyo 7, the ladies teach S, T, and O how to play Puyo so they can exterminate them via Puyo matches, but it's a useless effort. The Puyo attack forces Spaceship Tet to crash land on Suzuri...!

Chapter 2

Once the ship lands in Suzuri, Ringo and the others confirm T's safety. The gang must now venture around Suzuri to gather ship parts and find T's crew after the unexpected crash landing. Maguro and Risukuma join in on the fun as well, after the latter is mistaken for I. Speaking of I, he's not far from the crash site, being harassed by Z for some reason. Later they also round up S, J, and L, who are causing their own mischief as well. Before long though, the Tet gang and the three heroines find another problem; three problems to be exact. Rulue, Raffine, and Feli are all possessed and running amok, terrorizing Suzuri with the evil Swap Mode Rules...? After being defeated, they retreat. Amitie notices something is unusual about Raffine, but they gang doesn't think about it for long, because in the next chapter...

Chapter 3

...The gang goes into SPACE(bar)! That's right. There's an entire filler chapter of people playing Puyo and Tetris in space. Oh, and Lemres appears at the very end and foolishly challenges T to a game of Tetris. Somehow winning, they decide to see what the hell's up with all the Tetrominoes and Puyo finally, so the gang moves into Primp to investigate further.

Chapter 4

And who could've pulled off such an evil scheme other than Satan, right? The gang corners Satan and Arle beats the ever loving snot out of him. Satan runs away babbling like a baby, and the gang chases him, assuming he's responsible for the possession of the three rivals and also for the Tetromino incident. First they find Feli antagonizing Klug. It takes Lemres to calm her down after freeing her though. Next, Amitie rushes in to protect Sig from the possessed Raffine, and Amitie knocks some sense into her. Arle ventures off alone to take the rest into her own hands. Despite getting lost in one of Primp's many wooded areas, Arle's Schezo senses tingle and she lures him out of hiding by stealing his lines. Using her sex ap-- I mean, mad puyo skillz, she convinces Schezo to help her look for Rulue. Arle doesn't even need to fight Rulue to make her break free though, as Arle and Schezo just shout Satan until Rulue's lust breaks control from the mastermind. Rulue still fights Arle anyway though, pissed that the Satan was a lie. Arle then ditches Schezo to deal with Satan alone, leaving Schezo and Rulue to have another awkward conversation alone. Catching up to Satan, T demonstrates Tetris' power, and Satan explains he had nothing to do with what has been happening. So who then could have orchestrated these events?

Chapter 5

Naturally, Ringo points fingers at Ecolo, so they target him as their next victim. Once again they go to space, and for some reason characters who aren't even playable are up there, as well as the ever-so-slightly annoying Suketoudara. Draco takes out her troubles on O along the way as well, and Witch offers pointers about Ecolo's whereabouts. Ringo and Ecolo finally meet face-to-face again, Ecolo in a maniacally playful spirit as usual. Assuming this is another one of his "games," Ringo is quick to challenge him to a Tetris duel. Ecolo loses. He decides that he hasn't had enough though, so he challenges T to Puyo instead to keep the game going. However, T takes puzzle games too seriously and beats Ecolo into a pulp. Ecolo despairs over T's no-nonsense attitude and warps out, proving he is also not the culprit. Back down in Suzuri, Ms. Accord and Popoi appear after some speculation of the true culprit. The group is taken to an area specially prepared for battle.

Chapter 6

Inside a strange, white ruined area with a pulsating portal, Ringo, T, Amitie, and Arle begin their training. First, Arle is ganged up on by Satan, Rulue, and Schezo, though Schezo is chosen to represent the three in his duel with Arle. He loses and Satan and Rulue scold him. Next, after a scare by Yu and Rei, Ringo and Maguro duke it out. Then, Amitie fights against Sig, who seems to be the only person willing to battle her. T fights against O, his trusted partner. A mysterious figure shows up to have S and Z fight, along with T and O. The gang returns to Suzuri through the portal, complete with their training. Accord congratulates them and then the group heads off for the Tetromino Planet to see the real cause of the Tetromino problem.

Chapter 7

In the Tetromino Planet, at the path to the Tetris Portal, X, the king of the Tetromino planet appears. Over the course of the path, Ringo and crew chase X. He explains that the Tetris Portal has malfunctioned due to it's instability and that he has been trying to repair it, though he is only chastised for being unable to do so. Once at the portal, T, as the next king of the Terimino Planet, decides to usurp X and take responsibility for the Tetris Portal himself. Even despite T and X's power, however, they fail at repairing the portal. However, Satan and Ecolo appear! In a rare act of generosity and kindness from the King of Mayhem and the King of the Abyss, they use their powers to repair the Tetris Portal, as a "present" to their favorite protagonists. Regardless of any ulterior motives that have been had, the heroes are grateful to Satan and Ecolo for their intervention. X thanks the group and bids them adieu.


On Suzuri, T thanks Ringo and departs, though he and Ringo have a hard time saying goodbye because a slight romance has brewed between them. Regardless, the atmosphere clears up, and T leaves. All is well in the Compile Worlds (and Tetromino Planet) once more.

Play modes

  • VS: Players choose the rules they like best, and then battle each other. Both players may use the same rule if they choose, creating a classic match. In Adventure mode, the rule is forced depending on the stage.
  • Swap: Every 24 seconds, the players swap between a Puyo Puyo and a Tetris field, even if they're still in the middle of dropping a piece. If a chain starts when the board flips, the damage carries over into the other field when the chain ends, and the player can create "Mix Chains" if they clear in their Puyo and Tetris boards at the same time.
  • Big Bang: Similar to Versus, except the Puyo player is in Fever mode and the Tetris player has "Lucky Attack". It is then determined who's attack is stronger than the others, doing damage to the other player(s). If the damaged player(s) survive(s), then play continues. Anyone who takes too much damage loses, and the last one standing is the winner. Rule is forced depending on stage in Adventure mode.
  • Party: Similar to Versus mode, but items fall into the playing field. Items trigger annoying effects on the other players similar to the Slot Mode in 20th, with some of the effects echoing legacy 15th gimmick modes. The players play for score, and emptying your board by dying gives you a score deduction. The player with the highest score at the end of the time limit wins. The rule is forced depending on the stage in Adventure Mode.
  • PuyoTetMix: The Puyo and Tetris gameplay is literally mixed, and both Puyo and Tetris pieces are at your disposal. Tetris pieces appear as part of character dropsets, and all Tetris pieces sink to the bottom. (Underwater mode, anyone?) Additionally, each character's dropset contains a piece that constantly flips between a Puyo formation and a Tetris piece, and also two new Tetris blocks that are only 1x1 and 1x2.

Other features

  • An awesome remix of Theme of Puyo Puyo, as well as a remix of the classic Korobeiniki music that made Tetris famous!
  • The return of a shop, though it is not Shopoi. It also only contains Puyo and Tetromino skins, as well as alterante voices.
  • A "Puzzle League" tab containing the records of the endless game modes. The endless game modes include Endless Puyo Puyo, Endless Mini Puyo, and Endless Fever for Puyo Puyo, and Marathon, 40 Lines, and Ultra for Tetris.
  • DLC. All the music that is typically recycled per game now costs you extra yen instead, and even more to get the remaining shop items. :D Also, there's 3 more story chapters if you cough up the dough.

Tokyo Game Show Keynote

During the Tokyo Game Show in September, the producer of Puyo Puyo burned himself on death curry and demonstrated how Witch and Rulue's voice actresses were not very good at the game publicly... yeah, that's about it. They also showed that SEGA was lazy and had recycled voice clips, and encouraged everyone to get Lagnus and Black Popoi cards on Puyo Quest. Also some arcade version of 20th or some crap like that.

While it wasn't part of SEGA's stream, kumachom and kamestry were invited to play VS rule at TGS. It was shown that anyone who is garbage at Tetris will not get very far against someone who is god at Puyo, kumachom himself included. (Poor kumachom)


  • All of the new characters introduced in the game are based on the tetrominoes, save for X. T is based on the T block, S is based on the S block, I is based on the I block, O is based on the O block, J and L are twins based on the J/L block, and Z is based on the Z block.
    • This is the first time that SEGA has introduced a trio of new characters without following the ARS formula for naming them, besides S herself.

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