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The ARS formula is a reoccurring phenomena in the Puyo series where trios of characters are named following the precedent that one character's name must start with "A", another's with "R", and the last with "S". Typically, the trio consists of the new protagonist and two of her friends, though this not always the case. The phenomena itself is named after Madou Monogatari ARS, which in turn derived its name from the first ARS trio 3/3Arle NadjaRulueSchezo Wegey. Generally, when SEGA introduces a new hero or heroine, it is expected that his/her friends will follow the ARS naming scheme. There are three ARS trios so far.

ARS trios

Madou Puyo Trio

Fever Puyo Trio

Suzuri Puyo Trio


  • The Fever trio is the only ARS trio who doesn't have a character with a last name.
    • They are also the only trio who doesn't have a "trio master" antagonist character, though this role could be filled by one of several boss characters introduced in the Puyo Fever games.
  • Rulue and Risukuma do not have last names, while the other members of their trio do.
    • However, Risukuma can be referred to as "Risukuma-senpai", and indeed Ringo and Maguro simply call him "Risu-senpai" on a casual basis.
  • All of the "A" characters introduced are the protagonist of the game they are introduced in. Two of the "R" characters are the "A" character's rival, though at times all three of them have been shown to also be friendly with the "A" character. None of the "S" characters have any distinct similarities with one another other than having a first name starting with "S".
  • There have been two trios introduced who don't follow this formula, but have one character each whose name that starts with an "S" anyway.
    • One of these trios was introduced by Compile, and the other by SEGA.
  • The members of all three ARS trios have only been in two games together: Puyo Puyo 7 and Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary; Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary was prior to the introduction of Ringo's trio, but contained the two known ARS trios. Prior to that, most of the spin off games featured Arle, Rulue and Schezo in prominent, usually playable roles, most specifically Madou Monogatari and Waku Waku Puyo Dungeon.