Spaceship Tet (InstanceTopic, 9)

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Tet, or possibly Teto, is the name of a spaceship that appears in Puyo Puyo Tetris. Presumably, the characters T, S, I, O, L, J and Z are minding their own business on board their ship when the Puyo characters are accidentally brought on board, scaring the crap out of them and making the two groups of characters naturally antagonistic towards each other. Though the aforementioned set of seven thematically named characters is aboard the ship, they also have a King called X, who is also the boss character, though he is not aboard the ship. Instead, T commands the ship.

The ship travels from world to world in order for T to improve his Tetris skills and become the next King of the Tetromino Planet. However, due to an incident involving Puyo, the ship crash lands on Suzuri and has to make a temporary stop for repairs. Aboard the ship are various monitors facilitating the education of Tetris techniques. Eventually, the ship goes back to the Tetromino Planet when T's business with the Compile Worlds is over.


The name as it appears in Japanese involves the kanji 号 (ごう gou), though there is no evidence to suggest that 号 means "spaceship". However, 号 can be used to refer to the name of a vehicle, and the thing being referred to is definitely a spaceship as seen in the Puyo Puyo Tetris stage select screen.