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Maguro, also affectionately referred to as Tuna-Boy, is among new characters introduced in Puyo Puyo 7. He is a lanky, well dressed boy with bangs that cover his eyes and a menacing grin. At first, many speculated his long shaggy hair was a cap, and that he would turn out to be an emofag. However, he was just simply a nutty trendy, adding even more lulz to the world of Puyo. The real question though is why the hell the fish monger's son is trying to be some wealthy wannabe.

In Puyo Puyo 7

Maguro actually had very limited appearances in the game's story. At first, he only shows up to be OMGWTFBBQ every time Ringo ran into something. He only appeared shortly later for a quick match against Ringo just to get in her way while she was trying to save the world from Ekoro. What an ass of him!

In terms of gameplay, Maguro is basically nothing more than a beefed up Dongurigaeruacorn frog. This combined with the above, makes him the second most worthless character to be introduced. His fellow peers Dark Arle and Risukuma have the gal to help him keep that spot by being even more useless than him.

In Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary

Maguro joins the fun in Primp after his "buddy" Risukuma (and probably Ekoro) accidently sends him there. Here, he apparently becomes famous for his good looks and everyone wants to see his you-know-what. However, Maguro refrains, even to Rider, because apparrently his you-know-what will probably kill you from being good looking. So, of course, everyone chases Maguro all across the Primp just to get a glimpse at his you-know-which, even Suketoudara (jealousy) and Risukuma (even more jealousy). All these intimate, inappropriate conversations between Maguro and Ringo about his you-know-what makes Ekoro extremely jealous, so Ekoro sets out to kill Maguro and steal his you-know-what for himself. However, this fails, and Ekoro returns to the shadows to make another excuse to touch Ringo.

In Compile Worlds

Maguro shared a similarly abridged screen time in CW, appearing only in Episode 10 so far. He basically appeared and confirmed he and Ringo were both dumped in Primp at about the same time, though Maguro had been wandering around while the former was off doing ADMA business. Ringo introduced Maguro as a socialite she brought with her on shopping trips to give her "fashion advice". She humorously teases him by calling him "Tuna Boy", which irritates him. After more teasing, he was promptly ignited by Draco. He then vanished into thin air after the duel with Ekoro on the Floating Island began.


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