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T is a new character in Puyo Puyo Tetris. He is described as being the reliable captain of Spaceship Tet and is aiming to become the next King of the Tetromino Planet. One is advised to mind their manners around him else he might throw his discus at you! He has a partner in O, much like how Arle has Carbuncle, and how Daichi has Puyorin. Aside from being the ship's captain and the next King, T takes responsibility for the Tetris Portal's malfunction at the end of the game. He may or may not have a crush on Ringo


T comes from the "T" shaped block in Tetris, which the gameplay video demonstrated T using quite proficiently. Alternatively, it could derive from the "T" in Tetris itself, and "テ(Te)" is indeed also the first kana in the Japanese spelling of Tetris (テトリス tetorisu... no that's not a ship name for Kasane Teto and Risukuma.)


  • T is the first character to be introduced with a partner mascot since Accord and Popoi in Puyo Puyo Fever.
    • Unlike Arle, however, T and O are debuting as separate playable characters.
    • However, this DOES mirror Puyo Puyo Fever, where Arle and Carbuncle were brought into the Fever world separated.
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