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Yu, or Yuuchan if you will, is a silly ghost that made her debut in Puyo Puyo Fever. She loves to pun, thus giving the English translators many migraines trying to write around it. Yu claims to be able to dance (Just for you!), though one must question how she can do this without any feet. Some people find her voice to be loud and or obnoxious no matter which language version you're playing. In Puyo Puyo Fever 2, Yu revealed she had a brother named Rei, with whom she made game show-esque quizes with. However, since they dealt with puns and common sense, only Sig was "smart" enough to get all the right answers. Later on, the dynamic duo went on to add even more pseudonyms to Satan's article and pushed the limits of everybody's sanity with their cheesy sense of humor.

Yu was originally the mascot of Team Ikaria's own PuyoBusters Wiki, complete with a punny name, before it was, almost by force, merged into the Puyo Nexus Wiki.