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Shopoi, better known as Popoi's Shop is, well, exactly what it says on the tin. It appears in Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary, where you can buy a variety of items from Popoi. These items are divided into 4 categories based on what kind of item it is. There are Puyo skins, alternate costumes (called "Characters"), alternate voice acting clips, and even useless advice! It has it's own special yellow button in a menu otherwise full of green buttons, so that probably means it's special! Because Popoi totally didn't steal Oshare Bones' useless item shop from Fever 2. Nope.



  • Tedzu(?) Puyo
  • Real Puyo
  • Solid Puyo
  • Letter Puyo
  • Cube Puyo
  • Human Puyo (ew, they must have come from Kurozu-cho's terraces...)
  • Capsule Puyo
  • Board Puyo
  • Box Puyo
  • Block Puyo
  • Chalk Puyo
  • MSX Puyo (EW!)
  • Moroseizin Puyo
  • Sonic Puyo
  • Backlight Puyo



Useless Advice

If you purchase this tab many times, there is a very small chance Popoi will draw a random raffle prize from the items listed below:

  • Ice Block mode
  • Spinner Mode
  • Giant Puyo mode
  • Non-stop Fever mode
  • Excavation mode
  • Unusual Ekoro(!)


Shopoi is a silly portamentau of Shop and Popoi made by User:KasaneTeto. While initially User:Chao thought it was ridiculous, it stuck for some reason.