Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary (InstanceTopic, 17)

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Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary is an awesome Puyo game, released for the DS in 2006. It was successfully translated by the magical people at Puyo Nexus. It features over 9000 characters, modes, and stories, and is 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 times better than Puyo Puyo 7 will ever be. All it's missing is a Nazo Puyo, apparently, according to nmn, better WiFi and, according to ArleKaakun, an RPG mode.





Ms. Accord is up to no good again as she opens a portal plot hole to summon the Madou characters from. Mean while, Accord gets the kiddies all riled up for a fun-exciting Puyo Tournament, where the winner gets their wish from a magical medal. Of course, the kiddies want their wishes, so they go for it. God knows how the other fever fags found out about the tournament, but they showed up anyway to make your life miserable. Meanwhile still, the new guys from the Madou world are like "WTF where am I?". Ms Accord meets them and tells them to join the tournament, so they can get the Ruby red slippers from the wicked witch of the west (AKA Raffine). Then, Ms. Accord joins herself, as not to draw suspicion.

The tourney goes on, and nobody suspects Accord of any wrong doings...

But secretly, Accord is the one who actually grants the wishes, and not the medal. She secretly begins sabotaging everyone's wishes, aside from her own. Arle's has been sabotaged by both Accord and Ekoro due to PP7. The Maduo characters didn't get to go home either, as stealing Raffine's shoes and clicking their heels didn't exactly work like they thought. More people to deal with Dark Arle's bullshit. Finally, Accord makes her wish, tells no one, and is supposedly the only one who has a happy end. Presumably, Accord's wish was for the kiddies (And Arle) and their pals to have lotsa fun in a different world with new people and Ekoro.

Ekoro, however, wasn't exactly pleased with each characters' story because he thought they were boring. So he decided to retcon the above events into oblivion, which explains why Madou and Fever characters don't recognize each other.


  • OPP: ....who plays that? Oh? You? I'm sorry...
  • TSU: Same as OPP except with offsetting which automatically makes it better.
  • Fever: All Fever physics and shit...not that SEGA knows anything about physics...just ask Sonic
  • Endless Fever: Clear the garbage using Fever chains, then attack your opponent into submission.
  • Bomb: Stupid mode where bombs fall and blow up and turn Puyo into garbage.
  • Ice: Mode where frozen Puyo in set patterns fall instead of trash and thaw after a set number of turns.
  • Searchlight: A mode where a Searchlight is the only way to see the board. Doesn't work on No$GBA.
  • Giant: A mode with big puyo. CPU's kill themselves. Fused with Tiny mode in PP7.
  • Underwater: A mode where Puyo float to the surface of the field. If they touch the bottom, you lose, oh, you lose.
  • Rotation: Playing field rotates 180 degrees after a set amount of time, making it impossible to chain.
  • Excavation: Dig through the Puyo to clear the star, which sends over 9000 nuisance puyo to your opponent, so thus you automatically win.