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I is a new character in Puyo Puyo Tetris. I is an alien dog who is the supreme engineer of the Spaceship Tet. As such, he is described as being an intellectual man, but he is prone to being cowardly and crying in fear. This causes him to be made fun of, especially by twins J and L. Like the other Tet Crew, his home is the Tetromino Planet.


I comes from the "I" block in Tetris, though he has not been seen in gameplay using it. Alternately, it could be from the "I" in Tetris itself, though unlike his fellow spacemen T and S, his name does not contain a kana that is also used in the Japanese spelling of Tetris.


  • I shares many similarities with Risukuma; they are both flesh colored, anthropomorphic characters that are members of the trio introduced in their respective games. They are also both smart in some way and wear white apparel with long coattails.
    • Because of this similarity, even in their silhouettes, he was known as Risukuma 2.0 by Keiji and Chao.
    • Despite this, Risukuma was confirmed to appear in the game as well in the November. 24th trailer.
  • I is seen holding a dowsing pendulum. This correlates with Feli, who is seen using dowsing rods. However, no evidence has confirmed Feli's appearance nor I's link to divination and dowsing, if any.
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