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S is a new character in Puyo Puyo Tetris. She is a cute crew member of the Spaceship Tet, being described as self-centered and sharp tongued, only being a good girl for Z, whom she affectionately calls "Papa". However, even the king of the Tetrimino Planet is not safe from her mean words at times, and she often refers to herself in the third person. Like the other Tet Crew, her home is the Tetromino Planet.


S comes from the S/Z block in Tetris, which recent gameplay shows she likes to keep in reserve. It could also be from the "S" in the word "Tetris" itself, with the character "Su" being in the Japanese spelling of Tetris.


  • S is the only character named after a chiral Tetromino; all of the others are named after the non-chiral Tetrominoes.
    • This effectively means that S is technically named after two Tetrominoes.
  • S is the only character aboard the Spaceship Tet that is female.
  • S is the only character of the quartet introduced in Puyo Puyo Tetris that has an A 3/3Arle NadjaAmitieRingo Andou, R 3/3RulueRaffineRisukuma, or S 3/3Schezo WegeySigMaguro Sasaki in her name, in which case, it is the ONLY letter in her name.
  • Prior to the discovery that Famitsu had given her name, she was known as Broccoli-tan due to the fact that her silhouette reminded Keiji of a broccoli stalk.
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