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Z (pronounced "Zet", and not "Zee") is a new character in Puyo Puyo Tetris. It is a giant , generic looking robot with a large Z block printed on the front of its body. It is apparently a house keeping robot, and is obsessive about body health. It is loyal to the crew and is initially aggressive to the heroes because it mistakes them for intruders. Z is affectionately called "Papa" by S because of its large body. Like the other Tet Crew, its home is the Tetromino Planet.


Z comes from the "Z" shaped block in Tetris. Zet might come from the Russian word for the letter Z, зет, or just be based off of Zed, the way it is spelled and pronounced in English-speaking countries besides America. It also rhymes with the "Tet" in Tetris. The katakana "ト(To)" is contained within Tetris. It is also similar to Zeta, the letter in the Greek alphabet that Z is based on the Latin alphabet. Zeta is also used in naming fictional robots, especially within SEGA's own franchises. Zeta also has a value of 7; there are seven Tetris pieces and Zet was the last to be revealed.


  • Z is the only Tetris character who is not organic.
    • In fact, Z is the first mechanical character in the entire series.
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