Puyo Puyo SUN (InstanceTopic, 17)

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Puyo Puyo SUN is the third game in the Puyo series. It is the sequel of TSU, though despite this, it cut down significantly on the amount of characters it contained. It also introduced the titular SUN rules, which make the almighty Angry Puyo Sun drop SUN Puyo on your perfectly laid out 10-chains, causing you many headaches. It is also the first game in the series to allow you to choose a character during multiplayer matches, always a plus.



SUN is the first game in the series to introduce multiple story-lines, carried about by three characters sorted by difficulty. The catalyst for all the stories however is the same: Satan decides he doesn't have enough boobies, so he uses a crystal ball to inflate the sun, thereby giving him a tan and attracting to himself many ladies, all of which will be wearing bathing suits due to the hot weather.

Draco's Story: Easy Mode

Draco, of course is in favor of Satan's disastrous plan, as it gives her an opportunity to flaunt off her magnificent(?) figure to Arle. After buying a new flaming red bikini, she sets out for a good sun-bathing spot. She runs into Skeleton T, who's futile attempts to make her join his hot tea ceremony fail. Next she meets an unconscious Harpy, who is about to die of heatstroke before Draco saves her with a spare canteen. Unfortunately, Harpy repays Draco with a song that just makes Draco's ears bleed, prompting her to try and escape. Finally, she makes it to the beach, only to find some creepy old guy in a speedo hanging around. After her long day, she finally finds the perfect spot; a rock, directly in the sunlight. Of course, Draco has the attention span of a goldfish, not realizing the rock would be too hot to touch and burns her ass on it, sending her skyrocketing into orbit, and right into Arle's face...

Arle's Story: "Normal" Mode

Arle can't take the heat, and recognizes Satan is up to something no good again, so once again, she and Carbuncle set out to foil his plans, starting with Draco, who still has a charred rear from the rock incident. Next, Arle meets Incubus, one of her creepy stalkers, just as his expensive make-up is melting off his face. Incubus tries to murder her afterwards, but fails. Arle thinks her troubles are over until Nohoho tries to smuggle her chickenpox-infested curry and after Kikimora literally mops the floor with her. Next, she continues to be followed by another long series of weirdos. Finally she meets Witch, who's sleeping. She tries to sneak past, but Witch clutches her, obviously dreaming about something naughty. When she wakes up, they fight and move on. As Arle approaches Satan's Castle, she fights her swordsman rivals, Lagnus the Brave (who is secretly smitten with Arle), and Schezo Wegey (Also smitten with Arle...'s cheese and onion pasties?). After dealing with Rulue's nonsense, she finally confronts Satan and turns off the crystal ball... only to have Carbuncle inflate the sun again with his laser.

Schezo's Story: Hard Mode

Schezo decides that living in a cave just to stay cool kinda sucks, so he sets off to set Satan's record straight. Schezo starts off by meeting some of the stranger characters of the bunch, such as Kodomo GokuDragon, Honey Bee, and Zoh, all of whom gang up on Schezo for no particular reason. Witch then claims she wants Schezo's clothes, but everyone knows she wants something more than that. Schezo then confronts his long-time rival Lagnus, who suddenly reverts back to chibi-form, much to Schezo's amusement. After partaking in his daily dose of not-child abuse, he runs into Arle, somehow avoiding the word "desire" completely. Just before Satan, he has a disturbing conversation with Rulue that makes even less sense than Tejina Mikuri's Latin incantations. Schezo decides Satan's punishment is a bald spot on his forehead and a pummeling in the pitch-black darkness.