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O is a new character in Puyo Puyo Tetris. O is T's partner, similar to Carbuncle and Puyorin's respective friendships with Arle and Daichi. O is also said to be the Spaceship Tet's mascot, because his cute mannerisms invigorate everyone aboard. He is also said to be capable of perfoming many tasks, and only speaks using Pi (ピ) and Bi (ビ). Like the other Tet Crew, his home is the Tetromino Planet.


O comes from the "O" block in Tetris, though he has not been seen in gameplay using it. It could also be a pun with T's name, as T and O together form "to", which is one of the kana used to spell "Tetris" in Japanese.


  • O shares many similarities with Carbuncle. They are both the partners of a main character, and are both round and yellow colored. They also speak in only one syllable, Carbuncle with Gu, and O with Pi.
  • Prior to the discovery that Famitsu had revealed his name, he was known as the Tetrimuncle due to these similarities to Carbuncle.
    • He also has an eerie resemblance to the "Tetrimuncle" used as Puyo Nexus' April Fools Day mascot, where they temporarily became "Tetris Nexus". The Tetrimuncle was also based on the O block and Carbuncle's design.
    • O and Puyorin are also similar, being round mascot characters based on puzzle game pieces with verbal ticks.
  • O was the only character not shown as a silhouette prior to November, 28th 2013. He was instead revealed afterwards when the other three were also revealed. Possibly he was kept secret to keep his design and basis from being obviously deduced.
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