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Ekoro's clones are a group of clones created by Ekoro/Ecolo in Compile Worlds. Part of a massive cloning project, they were created to serve under Ecolo as he attempted to destroy Primp and remold it in Fake Arle's image. They also fulfiled many other purposes in Fake Arle and Ecolo's plans though, such as being test fodder and being vessels for Fake Arle's separate Neo Angol project. All of them share the characteristic of having independent personalities from their models, some deviating in more hilarious ways than others. They are also all more exceptionally powerful than their original personas, save some certain exceptions.


The experiments began when Fake Arle commissioned them from Ekoro sometime before he settled down in Primp during Episode 8. Ekoro portaled to the Puyo Wars World and sampled Sho's DNA to create the first clone, simultaneously staging his kidnapping to manipulate Daichi later on. When it was revealed to be a success, Ekoro made the clone his assistant, and together they created the plans for an additional six clones, one of which was to be a vessel for Fake Arle's Neo Angol injections. However, the fifth of these six clones died before birth, thus shorting Fake Arle a vessel. The other five clones were born without problems though, so it's totally okay. The 5/6 success rate indicated that the next set of clones Ekoro was to create would be even stronger and better.

While the first set dispersed and blew up their birthplace, the UT Base as a diversion, Ekoro fled with his assistant to his much larger main base and quickly devised both a second set of clones and a side-project based on the cloning technology. However, his assistant kept making blunder after blunder, and that's NO good! After Fake Arle berated the duo for their failed experiments and the lost vessel, Ekoro banished his assistant and made one final clone of Fake Arle herself as a substitute for the vessel she should've gotten forever ago, like, finally.

After a brief pause for the epically saturated part of Edge of Disgrace on repeat, a flipping of the disk, and several arcs, Fake Arle made her own clone of Angol Mois and Daichi for her Neo Angol project to be the ringleader of her vessels. Unfortunately, unlike most of his distantly related brethren, he was K.O.'d, killed, and turned to dust by Ekoro himself, to much irony.

Common characteristics

The most common characteristics that all Ekoro clones share are the ability to be neutralized, or freed from Ecolo's control, and a mysterious weakness to Whitespace. Visually, most clones also have slightly more feral looking eyes, tint differences, and a visible Ekoro insignia somewhere on their bodies, though there are exceptions to each of these. Upon exposure to Whitespace, the clones explode into an army of Ekoronian spiders that seem to appear in endless numbers. All the clone's memories are stored as data, and this data can be backed up, restored, rewritten, and be shuffled with a second memory bank when necessary. Sometimes, the memories of the original character are present in the second memory bank. Each of the ten clones is named after a Greek alphabet letter, with all males being named after odd numbers, and all females being named after even numbers. Sometimes, their numbers also coincided with hidden meanings related to their character. Like most living beings, the clones have a soul, which can be separated from their body and banished to an alternate world, leaving their physical bodies comatose until the body and spirit reunite.

The Clones

The very first clone, and Ekoro's faithful assistant. He is a clone of Sho, baring one of the stronger resemblances to his model. He played a hand in crafting every other clone, save Zeta, and has a strange love-hate relationship with Ducks. In addition to crafting clones, he also invented a variety of silly weapons for Ekoro to use, including the GEECOD and the Sasserblaster. As part of his punishment, his memory was reset, and he successfully tricked half the public into thinking he was everyone's favorite gay tsundere. After SHAME, he was neutralized and was sent to Limboseum when Ecolo destroyed Primp.
Beta / Dark Witch
The second clone, and the first of the UT set. She is a clone of Witch, thankfully without any strange pastry fetishes. She actually takes her duties seriously, and she oversaw the creation of her other five brothers and sisters in the UT base. She was killed by Whitespace during the Meteor Arc, but Nanako revived her later, and she ultimately won her real body back after SHAME.
Gamma / Dark Lemres
The third clone, and the second of the UT set. Being a clone of Lemres, he's infamous for being conceived during Subete PuyoPuyo, but then not even appearing in the RP until freaking Episode 49. Not much about him is known though, and his appearance was to show that he, too, had been banished to Limboseum by Ecolo. He doesn't even have any artwork besides the crappy Subete concept art on the sidebar over there. What a poor schmuck.
Delta / Dark Mikuri / Lam the Stelly
The fourth clone, and the third of the UT set. Being a clone of Tejina Mikuri, she just has to stand out by branding herself as Lam the Stelly and wearing a hood to conceal her identity. As a plus, she knows how to materialize and throw scimitars and cook mushrooms. She's also quite a handy craftsman, and will fix the holes in your roof if you let her live under your bed and scold any Spiky-haired protagonist that dares to break it afterwards.
Epsilon / Dark Nohoho
The fifth clone, and the fourth of the UT set. He is a clone of Nohoho, so naturally he's played for laughs as a Japanese-yen flavored parody of his froggy counterpart. What, were you expecting this paragraph to be longer?
Oh, and yes, we were obviously lying when we once said "It's definitely not going to be a frekkin' frog."
Zeta / Dark Amitie
The planned fifth clone of the UT set. She was set to be a clone of Amitie, and was going to be one of Fake Arle's Neo Angol vessels. Designs were completed and she was set to be the sixth successful clone. However, a serious defect in her design during the incubation period caused her to die before being born. Nobody besides Fake Arle, Alpha, and Ecolo knew what she was supposed to look like. She is affectionately called "Ami-Zeta".
Eta / Dark Sig
The sixth clone, both overall and of the UT set. Being a clone of Sig, there are times where his personality mimics his. However, he is much more passive aggressive and emotionally vulnerable. Subsequently, he can control the huge explosions that his original counterpart tended to create. Thought to be a half-assed attempt of recreating the book demon, Eta was kidnapped by several characters, including Strange Klug and Ecolo himself before he was absorbed by Sig in SHAME.
Theta / Dark Ringo
The seventh clone, and the first of the Mountain Set. She is a clone of Ringo Andou, thus completing period 5. Theta exceeded the expectations of her creators by transcending into a one and playing a large part in the Meteor Arc and beyond. Like Beta, however, she was killed by Lord Marcus' Whitespace and had to be revived by Nanako for the purposes of the Tournament. She also got her body back after SHAME, and has continued thriving as Ringo's self-proclaimed sister.
Phi/Perfect Light/Lagnus
The eighth clone, and the second of the Mountain Set. Developed in pure secrecy, he was the result of "Project Perfect Light", Ecolo and Alpha's project to design and control a clone with a Pure Heart containing only Light. However, because Ecolo is a moron and realizes that you can't have a loyal minion made of the most innocent and pure thing on the planet, Phi ends up being destroyed and is used as blackmail against Alpha. However, Phi was somehow intelligent enough to keep a copy of his data and blueprints around, thus leading to his revival.
Omega / Dark Draco
The ninth clone, and the third of the Mountain Set. She is the clone of Draco Centauros, fittingly the leader of the opposite Anti Dark Magic Alliance. Omega was expected and intended to be the strongest of all nine, having almost been tasked with destroying the ADMA. However, due to Fake Arle's intervention, she was left to incubate until the ADMA's arrival. Later on, after mysteriously vanishing for several episodes due to a VPS transfer, she returned as the physical body of Ekoro himself, causing much confusion as to who is ever the dominant personality at any given time.
Zeta / Dark Arle / Ζ²
The tenth and final clone, of both the Mountain Set and of Ekoro's clones period. She is a clone created from Fake Arle's DNA, thought to be the real Arle's, and was appropriated to be the Neo Angol vessel instead of the original Zeta. As a result of this, she resisted the hero's initial attempts to neutralize her. However, she supposedly neutralized herself when she suddenly turned on Ekoro unexpectedly. Due to her conflicting purposes, programs, and personality, she is somewhat unstable and prone to short bursts of insanity. She was absorbed into Omega's being during SHAME, never to be seen again.


  • The clones were introduced out of order according to their numbers and birthdates. They appeared in the order of Beta, Eta, Zeta, Omega, Theta, Epsilon, Phi, Alpha, Delta, and Gamma.
    • In addition to this, Gamma was the only one who wasn't introduced before the Amalgamation, therefore being the only clone left out of the events of SHAME.
  • There are 14 Greek letters that Ekoro did not use. It is unknown if he simply jumped from Theta to Phi, or if there were plans to have there be 24 clones tied to each letter.
  • In an ancient prose Chao wrote, there are clones being witnessed birthing who were retconned and not mentioned here. Most of them include Puyo Puyo Fever characters who had little role in the RP at the time anyway, so it probably wasn't important that they showed up anyway.
  • Before it was revealed that "Sho" was Alpha, a word cloud generated by Keiji suggested that "Sho suddenly makes another clone". However, no new clones were featured in the RP apart from Neo Angol, who wasn't created by Sho or Alpha.
  • Some of the clones may have a weakness to Duck element, as evidenced by Alpha's irrational hatred/fear of it.
  • There is one clone who is based on a character from each Puyo series canon; one from the Madou-era, one from Puyo Wars, one from the Fever-era, one from the Puyo Puyo 7-era, and one from Compile World's own canon.
    • Additionally, 3 of them are based on the main characters from their respective canons (Arle, Amitie, Ringo).
  • Each clone was known as "Perfect [original's name] by Ecolo, and "Dark [original's name]" by the ADMA, prior to the revealing of their Greek names.
    • This is based on Fake Arle and Ecolo's warped perception of perfection that is the centerpiece of their plans.

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