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The extremely rare Ceiling Neko. She
watches you masturbate - to her.
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Females account for approximately 50% of the population of the human race. If you are reading this page, you most likely have never seen, touched or heard a female before.

The bitch

The bitch is an abrasive girl. She's quite loud and never gives you a chance to talk, and often hangs around other bitches, in a group often called a Whore Circle. Sometimes, she can also be found with an equally bad boyfriend or such. About a quarter of all richer girls in the world are bitches.

Not all is bad, however. Bitches can be quite strong and are sometimes very hawt. However, the majority of bitches are just annoying - and you can find them everywhere.

Example: Pansy Parkinson

The friend-type

The friend-type is a friendly form of girl, often spending their time around other friendly folks. Most friend-types are open to new friends at all times, but follow the typical friend rules of society. The friend-type is common.

Those friend-types who are unable to be friends with other friend-types because of friend rules are commonly called excluded.

The shy-type

The shy-type is actually a very common type of girl but you hardly ever find them because they always spend their time at home alone, hiding. Often they are only found on the internet. Though usually kind to their few friends, they don't want to associate with anyone else.

In order to befriend a shy-type, you must look to her friends. She likely has at least a couple friend-type friends and maybe a couple male friends.

The smart-type

The geeky subtype of the shy-type, and the more talented. But she's not very quick to share or realize these, being one who secludes herself indoors, spending her time on such things like random craziness on the Internet or reading or such other geekiness. For more information on finding these, see the above.

Example: User:KasaneTeto

The tomboy

Main article: Tomboy

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