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Neutralization refers to when one of Ekoro's clones is "neutralized", or released from nearly all form of control Ekoro has on their acts, well being, and emotions. The concept was introduced in Episode 13, where Witch demonstrated it on Beta, her clone. Two types of neutralization processes were shown in the Ekoro Arc: External and Internal - or Self - Neutralization.

External Neutralization

As it's name implies, External Neutralization is carried out via stimulus outside the clone's body. The only type of external neutralization known is by contact; the clone must be touched by their original persona. This, through some unexplained means, allows the clone to mentally resist the particles of Ekoro that flow in their veins, and are thus technically free. While gaining free will and control of their own actions, Ekoro may still use the particles to cause various types of distress to the clone's body, including pain, cardiac arrest, and a coma-like state. According to Zeta, it is extremely difficult to completely rid the clones body of these particles; if it is done incorrectly, the clone could die.

Clones known to have been externally neutralized are Alpha, Beta, Delta, Eta, Theta and Omega. Zeta is resistant to external neutralization by design.

Internal/Self Neutralization

Internal or Self Neutralization must occur when an outside stimulus will not allow the clone to resist Ekoro's mental control. Self Neutralization is an under-explored concept; it seems to be a sloppy and or unreliable method; the only clone who resists Ekoro in this way does so seemingly by sheer will power. Of course, this means while her mental state is strong enough to break the thought pattern of Ekoro's particles, the Ekoro particles can re-take over just the same.

The only clone who has been known to be Self Neutralized is Zeta.


Both external and internal neutralization have the disadvantage that they do not fully remove Ekoro's ability to control the clone. In addition, they are destroyed by exposure to Whitespace. However, in SHAME, Nanako has "rescued" the two clones that were destroyed in such a way so far - Beta and Theta - by giving them new bodies each based on her own. Although this gave Theta persocom ears and Beta cat ears (just to piss her off), it removed any traces of Ekoro leaving him with no way to interfere with these two clones, and removing the weakness to Whitespace.

Other cases and methods

There are clones who have undergone unknown or obscure methods of neutralization. Epsilon was free of Ekoro's control when he debuted in the Meteor Arc, though he was working for Lord Marcus XXXIX; Marcus may have used his, Eltia, or Satan's influence or powers to control and/or neutralize him. Phi was born without Ekoro's particles due to his unusual birth requirements, so he did not need to be neutralized at all. Additionally, Alpha seemed neutralized for an extremely short period of time where he posed as Sho; though there are heavy implications it was merely an act, Sho's memories could have possibly neutralized him temporarily - which would actually be all according to Ekoro's plan - in this case. Gamma is the only known clone left roaming, though he is likely able to be externally neutralized.