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12 elements on the cuboctahedron
16 elements on the tesseract
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An element, sometimes incorrectly referred to as "an" affinity, is a metaphysical alignment. They're used in all sorts of different ways in video game and sometimes anime series, so Keiji was forever trying to come up with a universal, complete system. Then he played Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and realized that its element system is freaking brilliant. With that said, we'll adopt it~!

EBF3's surprisingly fitting 10-element system

The 10 elements are grouped into three pairs of two, and four standalones. These are:

In general, for each pair of elements, characters are resistant to their own element and are weak to the other element of the pair, but as always there are a few exceptions. The standalone elements do not have much of a pattern other than common sense.

Many games use fire-vs-water and earth-vs-wind pairings, but EBF3 replaces water and wind with the much more badass ice and thunder, leaving water and wind to the lameness they really are.

Hopefully everything can be fit in this time!

The older element systems

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