Diary:Sig (Meta, 17)

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Page 7

The farthest back I can remember is a little bit blurry...a lot blurry actually. Maybe I was tired or something...I really don't remember. Anyway, there was lot's of smoke everywhere. It cleared away and there was rubble and destruction all over the place. It looked like one of those tv shows about two thousand and twenty one or something. I was breathing really heavy. I felt exhausted...but I also felt good, in a weird way. I looked around, and I saw Rider. She was crying! I ran over to her. She asked me “Sig, why did you hurt me?” I was really confused. I didn't think I hurt her...maybe I did, but I couldn't remember anyway. I tried to put a hand on her shoulder...but then she ran away, after lying about a monster that wasn't there....or maybe she meant me? Meh, whatever. I kinda got scared for her. I looked everywhere, but everyone was sleeping...so I went to Draco and tried to wake her up. She was really sleepy. I think she was even sleepier than me! Anyway, I kinda started yelling at her. I was freaked out. Finally Draco woke up (is that what it takes to wake ME up in the morning? I feel sorry for whoever has to do that...oh wait, sorry Ms. Accord!). Draco asked me where Rider went. First I pointed into the ocean (I dunno why, I just did), and then I pointed the right way into the mountains. Draco flew away, and then I was alone on the beach with a bunch of sleepy people. And Mikki too, but she was being weird, as usual.

I started counting the sleepy people, seeing which one to wake up first. There was Seriri, Arle, ...wait, where did Amitie go? I got scared again, so I tried to find Amitie. She was “unconsheus” kinda far away. So I started dragging her back to shore. When I got there and dumped water all over her, Rider came back. She looked kinda mad. Wait, not kinda. She was definitely mad. I don't think I'd ever seen Rider scowl like that before. It was kinda scary. I lost my thoughts trying to explain what happened to her. That happens to me sometimes. I tried to tell her that Amitie was unconsheus and that I was trying to wake her up. I said sorry for hurting her and asked her to forgive. She kinda looked at me funny....like she didn't trust me. But I didn't give her any reason to distrust me!...or maybe I did....if only I could remember. Anyway...I told her it was okay if she didn't want to forgive me. And then we hugged, and she forgave me. But then she told me I was different somehow. I guess it's not that important if I forgot how I was different.

Page 8

It was about a day or two later and Draco and Witch had gone off to find us a new home. I kinda liked the sound of that; sand and rocks don't make a very good bed. When I woke up Draco was gone. Seriri was asking us all what we should do while they were gone. I didn't really know, so I didn't say much. Mikki was being really weird again. She and Arle were talking about carpeters and magic huts or something. Anyway, it made Rider upset, so I hugged her. Seriri said someone was too happy. She never said who though. I guess it wasn't important. Apparently Mikki was going to make Draco's hut come back...but I said it was too small. Then she said she would make it really big on the inside...but if you made it big, it wouldn't be Draco's Hut anymore, right? I dunno. And then, he appeared. He was tall, black, and floating. He looked....suspicious! But then he told me “suspicion was biased on unowen's crimes” or something. Either way it made no sense to me. He said we could call him...”Ekoro.” I don't think I could ever forget that name even if I tried.....nope! I can't. Then he said something really scary “Sometimes what you see isn't real.” He said some other stuff too, but it wasn't as creepy and didn't make much sense to me. Seriri seemed kinda concerned too. She wondered how Ekoro knew Draco. Then Rider got scared. I had to be brave, so I comforted her. She didn't seem to be less scared though.

After that, Seriri started yelling at Mikki. It was kinda funny. Then Mikki said some weird words. Something like “Rebuild Draco's cabinet, Navi's cable integral extra”...but I guess it wasn't too important if I forgot it anyway. But then Draco's Hut appeared out of nowhere! I didn't really know why it happened, but it did I guess. Yay, hut. Anyway, everyone said Mikki was amazing. That's funny, because I thought everyone said she was random. But I didn't think about that for long, because Uncle Stan came by. He started quoting from cheesy B-movies and giving Arle lots of DIAMONDS. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, right? Wait, then what does that make me to Rider?...Life is so confusing sometimes. I asked Unlce Stan for some diamonds for Rider, but he said no. It was lame. Not like it matters anyway, since Stan got chased away by a bunch of Puyo that Mikki was hiding. Then Arle decided it was time for dinner. Yay, dinner! We went in the brand-new hut, and Arle started making curry, like usual. I wonder why everyone eats it all the time...even for breakfast? Anyway, Arle asked me if I wanted toast. But I said I wanted a cheeseburger instead. I dunno, I just don't ever want curry. Seriri yelled at me though. She said lots of bad words. I tried to explain to Seriri, and she seemed to calm down. Mikki was saying some more weird stuff again. “Airports more nyancat” or something. I don't even remember those words that much. These two weirdos appeared and Seriri got mad at them. I dunno why though. I guess Seriri just hates weirdos.

Anyway, after that, a new girl knocked on the door. She had red hair that was curled into these cones...kinda like that one singer girl “Ka-saw-ne Tetris”. Arle let her in. She said her name was “Andou Ringo”, and that she saw Ms. Accord...wait, Ms Accord?! Ringo said she wanted to die. I was so confused! Ms. Accord couldn't possibly want to die!...could she? I couldn't think about that...nobody could, thankfully. So instead, we talked about letting Ringo stay with us. Ringo said we were all creepy...but, I'm not that creepy. She said we were awesome anyway, so I told her my name. But then, I realized something. They kept talking about Popoi, and the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Popoi didn't really like us, and he knows Ms. Accord really well. Maybe they're even friends or something. So Popoi made Ms. Accord try to kill us because he hates us! Yeah, that HAD to be it! I felt really smart. But Seriri and Rider didn't believe me. How come they never believe anything I say or do?...it's so confusing. Anyway, Ringo said she would help us, and she used her magic to make apples come out of nowhere. Yay, apples! Ringo also had other weird powers, but she couldn't get them to work right. She kept saying all these silly words like “Abra's Kadabra” and “Hocus Pocus.” It was kinda funny, but nobody laughed. But then her power finally worked on me. I got smaller. It felt kinda weird, everyone was taller than me and my voice was all squeaky...kinda creepy. I'm glad she turned me back to normal. We all just kinda hung out after that, waiting for Draco to come back.

Page 9

The next day I remember waking up and finding it pretty boring. Meh. Seriri and Mikki were arguing as usual. Sometimes I feel like it's boring? I dunno. Anyway, Mikki was talking about "black mages" so I said "Yay, black mages". I have no idea why. I even asked my self why I would say something so ridiculous. Anyway, Draco finally came back. That was something I should've said yay about, but I didn't. Prolly because Mikki was still being weird. Draco asked me if I blew up her hut. I couldn't really remember, so I asked her back. Then I thought, "if I blew up the hut, that's probably how I hurt Rider". Meh, it didn't really matter much anyway. Ringo and Mikki kept talking, and Draco gave Mikki a BIG hug. Aw, how cute! At least that's what I thought. Anyway, Seriri made everything sad again by talking about Ekoro. Draco didn't know him, but how would she? I mean, it's not like they ever met before...right?

Anyway, I kinda forgot who he was, so I had to have Seriri remind me. And then Draco asked about Ms. Accord, and Ringo told her. Draco was confused. And Seriri wanted to kill her. I was...what's the word...horrified? Yeah, horrified. Horrified that anyone would want to do something like that! Especially because I knew Ms. Accord was innocent the whole time! But...nobody ever listens to me. Did we really have to though? Rider said we did...but I didn't want to think that. Draco and Mikki started arguing about where Ms. Accord was. Before anything else though, there was a knock on the door. I was nervous. It was Ms. Accord! Ms. Accord started trying to explain herself...but Draco shot a big fire ball at her! I screamed at Draco...I was feeling everything at once! This whole rush of emotions and feelings and thoughts...was this what it felt like to watch someone on fire? If so I didn't like it that much! I just stood there...stood there and watched...watched as Ms. Accord slowly burned in that huge fire. She confessed everything. I was right all along...Popoi was using her to do evil things! Finally she screamed. It was the most awful thing I've ever heard. Ever. I...all I remember doing was staring at what looked like her...what was supposed to be her...but I couldn't believe it. It happened too fast. Something rolled down my cheek from my eye...it was wet. A tear?...was I crying?...Of course I was! Draco murdered Ms. Accord! She did it right in front of me!! I...I...I got down beside the body...is that all it is now? A body? I didn't care anymore. I got down beside her, and I hugged Carbuncle...I might have hugged him too tight. But I didn't care anymore. I just...just...[incomprehensible writing]

Everything that was going on around me after that...I didn't care. They were arguing about what we would call ourselves...but I didn't care at that point. Witch came in and didn't seem to care Ms. Accord was dead either. What was this feeling? How come I didn't care about anything other than that dead body laying there? Ugh. I feel sick just writing about it. But, that all stopped when Ekoro came in. I guess I should thank him? I dunno. Anyway, Ekoro was there. He started saying scary weird things again and opened a huge portal. It started sucking everyone in! I grabbed Rider immediately, but, she slipped. She fell in! I looked at Ekoro next. I was mad. It had not been a very good day at all. I drove my arm into the ground. He couldn't suck me in if I was attached to the ground right? I guess I was wrong though, because the portal just sucked harder and harder. Finally, I got sucked in! It was so..I dunno. When we got to the other side, we fell into a forest. It wasn't like the one I knew though...Everyone else looked happy though. They seemed to know too. Meh, if everyone else was happy, shouldn't I be? But there was no time to be happy. Because Ekoro started talking again. But I didn't really pay attention, because I was looking at a huge castle. I pointed it out for everyone. Draco and Ekoro argued for a little bit. Oops...I think I'm running out of room on this page...

Page 10

We kind of argued for a bit, but eventually we all agreed that getting to the castle and rescuing Klug was what we should do...so that's what we did. Mikki started being weird again...does she have to be so weird all the time? Meh, whatever. I guess it wasn't that important if everyone just brushed it off anyway. Anyway, Aunt Rulue came out of nowhere again. She yelled at Arle, and then Witch zapped her with a lightning bolt. I tripped her when she started trying to attack us, but then Draco tripped ME with her tail. Oops. She said sorry though, so it's okay, I guess. Ringo and Witch tied Rulue to a tree and then we left her behind. Nothing too out of the ordinary I guess. We finally got to the big castle. There were statues and markings that looked like Carbuncle everywhere. Why was he so special anyway? There was a convenient elevator right inside the front door, but that pervert guy was in it waiting to ambush us. We ambushed him though. We got in the elevator and it started playing this music. It was good music; I almost wanted to sing along, except I didn't know the words and I can't sing anyway. Oh well.

Suddenly the elevator broke though and we started falling! Witch said we were gonna die, but then it stopped. An angel-lady flew into the hatch. I wont be riding any elevators again for awhile! Anyway, we climbed out and walked into Stan's bedroom. There was a giant bed shaped like Carbuncle. Everybody was talking about it until Ekoro's voice came and said some scary things again. How does he do that anyway? I want to talk to people in places that aren't near here too....and maybe bugs too. Everyone wanted to fly up the elevator shaft after that, but there weren't enough people who could fly. So Ringo and I had to take the stairs. I let Rider go with the others because she was safer with them than she was with me...I sort of didn't trust myself after I let her get sucked up by Ekoro's portal. When we got to the top, I gave Klug a big hug! He didn't seem to happy to see me though...Then the angel lady came back and said she saved Klug. Hm...but didn't Ekoro say...meh, whatever. I didn't really care, I guess. Ekoro made another clock appear, but we all kind of ignored it. Harpy said she could teleport us back to our own world. We all held hands and the angel sang a pretty song...the prettiest I've ever heard. We teleported back home, and Klug kissed the ground. Everyone's been acting a little crazy lately...even me! The angel left...she said there was only one person who could defeat Popoi....Popoi. Argh, that name...just the mere mentioning of it makes me ANGRY! Whoops...I ran out of writing room again...

Page 11

Well, none of us were very happy for long, because Ekoro came back and started hitting us with magic and stuff. It wasn't fun. Everything was going way too fast. Some guy with a really heavy looking sword came out of nowhere and cut up Ekoro, though. I guess it was pretty cool, people seemed relived he was there. He shot some lasers at Ekoro and he made lots of gross sounds. Whatever he was doing seemed to be working. Ekoro got mad and launched this big attack. I was just kinda... standing there watching everyone fight, so I got hit and fell over. Ringo tried that weird technique again, but Ekoro threw it back at Lagnus and he got smaller. He looked kinda like a kid. Anyway, Seriri fell over and Arle fired some more lasers... Gee, this sure wasn't our day, huh? Ekoro said he won, but... did he really win? I mean, he got hurt a lot more than we did and stuff. Mikki tried to shoot stars at him, but he sucked them all up. He was kinda busy with that, and I was kinda angry at him, so I, uh... hit him. He really doesn't know how to dodge two attacks. I guess I thought that was important for some reason, because I said it out loud.

We all just kinda... attacked him at the same time. I cast a spell, Rider cast a spell... some guy in the back threw fish at him... Ekoro screamed. Then he started saying weird stuff again like "There will be twos" and stuff. I forgot already, so I guess it wasn't too important. He disappeared anyway. Then the pervert guy was there. The fish guy laughed at his clothes and the sword guy got kinda mad. Seriri fell over again... I sorta kinda lost track of where this was going. It was all kinda boring and I was really tired from all that fighting and exploring and stuff. Then Lemres was there. Yay, Lemres. I made a strange kitty face at him for some reason. Lemres started giving everyone candy, so I asked for some. That sword guy looked like he wanted some, but he was being kinda rude about it. I dunno, maybe he just didn't remember his manners or something. I tried to remind him that sometimes people say a word called "please" when they want something, but Draco kicked him instead. Poor sword guy?... Meh, whatever. Lemres made it rain candy. Yay, more candy. People were talking again... I sort of stopped paying attention because I was picking candy up off the ground. Oops. I guess it wasn't that important anyway. But then... I remembered we just beat up Ekoro and he said weird stuff. It's weird, I remembered it then, but not after he said it?... Life is so confusing sometimes. Draco pushed it aside anyway. Was it important, or was it not? I really needed to know... or maybe I just really needed to sleep.

Draco said she had a surprise for us though, so I followed her with all the others to the city... Everything was so tall. I wasn't sure how to feel about it. And then, we stopped at a big building. There were big doors made of glass and stuff. I felt like I was walking into some kind of royal palace or something. Or, maybe not. I dunno, do kings like glass doors and stuff? Anyway, there was A purple haired lady there. I said "hi" to her. She started talking and stuff. I kinda tuned her out though because this place was just so... big. And pretty. Was this Draco's surprise? How did Draco even find this place? ...why do I even care? It's a place. Meh, Whatever. I guess I should pay more attention when they talk. I snapped out of it when the kitty lady said she was going to sleep-- wait, huh? Where'd she come from? And... why say good night? It was still day time... I understand taking a cat nap, but this is ridiculous. Anyway, for some reason, I thought it might be a good time to bring up Ekoro, since I remembered what he said... again. Wow, I think my memory is getting better. Nobody was paying attention though, so I just kinda sat on the couch and wondered why we had so much stuff now. I really thought about everything that happened today... But I didn't want to explode really. I just... kinda felt really bad? Ms. Accord was dead... Ekoro was trying to kill us... So much fighting, so many new faces. It was just too much for me. Another tear? I really didn't like thinking about how Ms. Accord was gone, but I couldn't stop... I was crying again.

I tried... not to think about it too much. Everyone was actually paying attention now I guess, so I finally decided to talk about Ekoro again. Then, everybody started talking about Ekoro. The conversation changed somewhere, though, because everybody started talking about perverts suddenly. I wondered if I was a pervert... maybe that's what happened before the smoke and fuzzy memories? Nobody seemed to think I was though. Mikki said something about bugs. I got kinda excited. I love bugs! She ran off though... I guess Draco got mad at her. You dont want Draco to be mad at you, I guess. I sorta just tuned everything out again. I just started thinking about bugs. They make me happy. But I was also kinda tired. I yawned. Rider took me to my room and I totally crashed on my bed. Good night! Zzz...

Page 12

I woke up and said good morning to everyone. It was a new day and I finally felt like I wasnt tired anymore. Yay. Rider started making me some eggs and toast, but then everyone remembered there was a cafeteria here. I didn't like the food at Magic School's cafeteria much. It was kinda gross. Rider asked me if I was going down to the cafeteria. Why would she ask? I dunno, I asked her if she was going, and she said she would... after making "Rika" some eggs. Draco and Seriri came in after that, so I said "hi" to them. Rider fed Rika, and then we went to the cafeteria together. We started talking about Ekoro at the table though... I didn't want to feel butterflies in my stomach while I was eating though. Ringo said something about walking around barefoot on glass, so I asked Arle if she ever had. Arle said she'd never stepped on glass barefoot, but that she did some dangerous stuff. Meh, whatever. Anyway, Rider said everything Ekoro said yesterday. I wonder how she remembered all that? It made me feel chilly just hearing her say it again. Yikes. Anyway, we were talking about Ekoro again so I put in a thought.

I noticed Seriri was stealing my color, so I told her to stop. I mean... what? That was weird. I wonder why I wrote that.

Anyway... everyone kept talking about Ekoro. I just kind of ignored it so I could eat my breakfast. I kinda didn't really want to think about it anyway. Then they started talking about... um... teleportashion? That's how you spell it, right? Oh, wait, this book over here says "teleportation." Oops. Anyway, after that, Rika left for a bit and we all just kinda hung out here for awhile. We ate food and stuff. It was pretty good. Yeah, I liked this. It was much better.

But then, Rika came back later. And... it was... Ms. Accord? It... can't be her, right? She died yesterday... right? Or... but... it was her voice. Her looks. She was there... I cried again I think. I felt tears, but I wasn't sad... I was... happy? Do people cry when they're happy, too? I hugged Ms. Accord. I was so glad she was okay! She was alive! She was really alive! I thought I'd never see her again... but... then, the purple haired lady pointed a bunch of guns at her. I kinda just... stood in front of her. Like, I thought maybe if they shot, it would hurt me instead. Draco grabbed me though. I tried to get her to let go, but she wouldn't. Rrrgh! Draco... what's wrong with you? Wait... Rider too? Why is everyone telling her to leave?! But then... Ms. Accord, just walked right out. I was pretty mad. Now I was crying some more... Gee, I learned a lot of reasons someone could cry the last few days, huh?

Everyone just kept going on and on AND ON ABOUT HOW WE COULDN'T TRUST ACCORD ANYMORE. IT'S NOT FAIR!!! Even just writing about it... rrrgh! That's it! Screw this! That's... what you say when you're done with something, right? And you're mad? Why do I even care? I don't care about this stupid ADMA anymore. Or this big fancy building, or anything. Ms. Accord needed help, and if no one else was going to do it, then... THEN I WILL. I quit. This is the last time I'll ever write another page under this roof.

I grabbed some things, and I went to find Ms. Accord. I'm not going to leave her to die this time!

Page 17

I was sleeping, but then there was this huge noise. Like, a loud boom. And then... well, I don't really remember. I was sleeping again, but this time it was on the beach. I guess it wasn't important if I don't remember it. Anyway, I walked on the beach because something seemed familiar. Then I remembered I was walking to Draco's house. Draco used to live on the beach and I used to sleep at her house and make toast all the time. I wonder why I forgot all of that? Anyway, Draco wasn't home. I decided to stay and wait for her. There isn't much in this hut, though. It honestly got kinda boring sitting around and waiting. A little scary even. What if no one came? What if Draco forgot she had a house? She forgets things sometimes... I worry about her. Meh, whatever. I guess I could just go back to the city where the big building we all lived in was. Anyway, I decided to take a nap because it got boring and I didn't have any good bug catching tools.

I had a strange dream. I had a farm. There were cows. I got milk from the cows, and sold it to people make money. There was a really cool bug net I wanted. But then, people kept making me make more milk because they wanted to buy more, and my farm and cows got bigger... Weh, why was this all happening?! I just wanted to get my net... Why do all these people want so much milk anyway? I had too much money and too many cows, but I just kept getting more of everything. The farm turned into factories that got everything from the cows and put it in bottles and mailed it to everyone some how. I had so much money and so many cows and so many factories... I just wanted to catch bugs and hang out with my friends. I didn't ask for this... It keeps happening...

Page 18

I woke up from my nap. I didn't know how long I slept, other than that the sun was still up. Meh, whatever. As long as it's not already night I don't see why it's a big deal. Anyway, I looked around to see if Draco had any cool stuff, but there wasn't anything... just a bunch of clothes and posters of beauty contests. Lame. Anyway, the toaster was still here, and I was getting kinda hungry, so I decided to make some toast for myself. Yay, toast. There was a lot of bread too. Most of it was stale though. Yuck. I buried some in the sand and hoped maybe it would grow into a weird plant for bugs maybe. I made a lot of toast. Too much toast. I'm not sure why. Maybe if Draco came back she could have some? Meh, whatever, it's toast now. I decided to eat it outside, because I was getting bored of the inside of the house. It was pretty good, but all I had to put on it was butter. Some time while I was eating I heard a girl voice. I looked up and it was Draco. Yay Draco. I knew she'd come back. And Arle and Ringo were with her too. I said "hi" to all of them. They looked happy to see me. They were all really hungry, but Draco and Arle wanted to cook curry. They always want to eat curry... Anyway, I told Draco it was no fun being alone in her house, but maybe there might have been someone there I didn't know about. Draco and Ringo got kinda upset when there was nobody else though. Lame, right? Anyway, they were all here now, so they decided they wanted to sleep and eat curry. I thought that sounded like a good idea too. Yeah... more sleeping and more eating. That sounds perfect. Except, where was everyone else? Where was Rider, and Amitie, and Ms. Accord, and everyone else? I hope they're okay. I kinda miss them. Draco said not to worry. I said she was always right. Why did I say that though? Draco is wrong sometimes... Meh, whatever.

More to come...