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Delicious curry

Delicious curry is a dish that Arle Nadja can cook. It is rumored to be the only dish she can cook, but it is the only dish Arle needs to cook. It is so delicious that, aside from Sig, everyone who tastes one bite of it becomes instantly addicted to it and eats it at every meal. It can also be made in different levels of spice, from very mild to very hot, to please everyone's desire. Arle and Carbuncle cook and eat this dish very frequently, as do those whom travel with her. Sig's immunity to the delicious delirium caused by the spicy food is probably due to his personality, sleepiness and mental state. That being said however, he will still eat it at times, but has also opted to eat other foods instead, including cheeseburgers and toast. As of yet, Arle has not given us the secret recipe for this amazing food.