Peacock (EntityTopic, 19)

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Peacock is a character from Skullgirls who got abducted by the Medicis, sent to slave traders to be terribly mutilated, and then somehow rescued by the ASG Lab 8 who turned her into a Skullgirl-hunting cyborg. As such, she now wears her eyes on her arms - a multitude of laser-shooting eyes at that - and has a bunch of toys she brought to life as her friends, including the Magic 8 Bomb that you see on the game's loading screens. She's pretty much the result of putting Flandre Scarlet, Yukari Yakumo and about a million cartoons and references in a blender and sprinkling in a bit of tragedy beforehand. She's also the entire reason Marie became the Skullgirl...

It's rumored that Peacock has her own Peacock Wiki, provided by People Providing Peacock Pages Pronto Inc., where EVERY page is about Peacock and her 8 layers of hitboxes.