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Her most famous song?
This page is about the Vocaloid. For the Kumizonian who needs to change her wiki nickname, see User:KasaneTeto.
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Kasane Teto is a Vocaloid initially created as a joke for April Fools' Day, 2008. However, later on she was given a voice using UTAU. While she looks and acts like a 15-year old she is apparently a 31-year old chimera.

Her character item is French bread, and she can get very angry if deprived of it.

Apparently, she has gotten so popular among both UTAU and Puyo fans alike that she's gotten her self a spot as a character in the Puyo Puyo Fever Redux series. Since she is appearing in the first game, it is likely she will appear in any sequels.

In both the aforementioned game, as well as in all existence, her voice is desired by many. Her voice may even be desired by Chao one day to create an anime-style theme song for one of his fangame projects.