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Muffin Town is the affectionate name given to the Minecraft world that is being created by Keiji, Chao, and Akkie. It is still a rather undeveloped, but expansive landmass. It's construction and expansion into something greater will be seen in the near future.

Locations of Interest

Muffin Town Shrine
Yes, even Muffin Town has it's own holy Muffin Shrine. It serves as a haven for large chests to stuff with dirt and a "safe" place to craft in the daytime. It has three gates activated by a lever, which Chao was unable to locate, much to Keiji's chagrin. At least, there were gates, until Akkie kept getting in by jumping around, which prompted Keiji to remove the gates. It is considered the hub of Muffin Town despite the spawn point being half a kilometer away from it. This actually makes sense to veteran Minecrafters, who know you don't build on spawn.
Potato Farm
Just beyond the shrine, we come to the Potato Farm, half of which are Angol's Potatoes, and the other half are Arle's. Twice as much space is given to wheat, which is also harvested more often, but apparently that's seen as less important. Akkie also seems to have a hard time remembering how to spell "Potatoes".
Keiji's Extreme Hill House
Just to show off his epic building skills, Keiji build a super extreme hill house near Chao and Akkie's houses on top of the tunnel. You can see it from the top of the tower, and it has cool slanted roofs and shit. Akkie was able to trespass before there was even a door, thanks to her axe and appropriate wood planks, and has made some more cases that do nothing to help her already-notorious record of trespassing (though, a door is already present for these cases). Other than that, Keiji has been the only one to enter properly.
Akkie's House
A small, humble lodging where Akkie keeps many small chests and a bed to keep herself cozy. It is close to the shrine and built on an incline, so a (very short) flight of stairs must be taken to it. A sign on the wall reads "Homu-Mikki".
Chao's House
Just next door to Akkie, in a huge trench Chao hand dug himself with a hoe and a shovel, is Chao's House, which also contrasts with Akkie's by being huge and having a roof made of cobblestone. It's defining feature is it's deluxe Cow-Lookout-Balcony™, where you can get a perfect view of the cows in their natural habitat pen. A zombie once broke in and killed Chao in his own home, causing him to respawn so far away that he had no hope of getting his stuff back. Keiji later happened to look through the door and find a creeper in there, which he promptly lured away and successfully dispatched with great care. The second time wasn't as lucky, though, as a damned charged creeper suddenly decided to enter Chao's house (yes, opening the door and all) and kill him with its explosion, also creating a big fucking crater that leads to yet another cave. Keiji was able to fix the house quickly, also making a basement that is more of a stairway to the aforementioned crater-cave. In Chao's personal chest is the diary of Sig's Dairy...or one of them.
Reuiss Tower
A huge fucking wooden tower made by Akkie, totally not for the sake of making suicide jumps off of (though, you'll have to be trying with an axe to actually do that). Akkie has said that she will build a house to top this tower, but god knows it'd be impossible to get up there without falling to your doom at least once or twice and getting your stuff despawned in the middle of the night, especially if you, for some reason, miss the Lake Landing when you try getting out through the Emergency Exit! Silly Mikki. There were also plans of adding iron blocks around the tower, but considering Akkie's lack of iron ingots, time, courage and motivation, this seems highly unlikely. The tower seems to be loosely based off Stringy Rice's own tower back in her (and Mikki's) home world.
The Ravines and the Extreme Cave
There are currently two known ravines around Muffin Town. One is only a few blocks north of the shrine and is not only incredibly obvious, but is even more incredibly easy to fall into, which Akkie has done numerous times. The other hides underground in the Extreme Cave, which was first found by its river entrance, and then found to conveniently link up with a second entrance by the Sheepery, just a little east of the shrine. Quite a bit of action takes place in this cave, as Keiji still needs more aspergite to make the shrine gates work properly and stop creepers from blowing it up like Marisa and refrigerators did to the Hakurei Shrine, at least, until Akkie's actions made Keiji give up.
Rebucca's Bakery
A bakery that Akkie has constructed across from the tower a little ways west of the shrine, alleged to be claimed by some dessert-themed witch called Rebucca. It's small, has a red velvet cake-themed wool road leading to it and also has a bunch of small chests that Akkie plans to fill with stack upon stack of corresponding dessert. There's a secret staff meeting room inside that also works as some sort of furnace room, somehow, but who staffs the darned place in the first place?
Satan's Tower
A huge tower that is - ahem - still under construction by Chao, no thanks to Keiji insisting it be twice the size it currently is. He cleared out a small area northwest of the shrine to build it, but then spent the next three hours looking for it again, getting lost in several caves and wasting 72 iron ingots making unnecessary iron armor over and over. He found it again later, and resumed building it, marking a proper pathway to it this time. Hopefully its construction will be completed soon. It is currently six floors high, and jumping off the top without any armor is suicide.
Another building mainly supervised by Keiji and more of his comparatively better minecrafting skills. It's main feature, other than it's flashy netherbrick exterior and it's well lit reed farm located in its basement, is it's enchantment table, which means we get to use up a ton of experience for making one piece of equipment more epic (especially with all the surrounding bookcases and all)! To celebrate the erection of this monument, Keiji invited Chao and Akkie to the Library for fireworks, but accidentally crashed the server with a huge supply of glitched fireworks, thus making the fireworks display rather pitiful. :(
Ravine-Mineshaft Intersection
A third ravine found a short distance north from the shrine, by a certain Chao who accidentally fell down there while searching for the area he cleared out for his tower. He soon discovered it was a haven for every undead creature imaginable and once again died and let his iron armor despawn, contributing to his already bad record of iron abuse.
The Beach
Seemingly forgotten, perhaps due to the fact that there isn't very much sand on it and even less now that Akkie took some for her glassmaking, the beach lies a reasonable distance west of the shrine, and so far hasn't been built on other than a small hideout and a failed attempt at a chicken farm. Keiji hopes that something notable will be built there soon.


Muffin Town was named in honor of the fact that muffins have somehow become almighty Mac Guffins in Compile Worlds 2.

Chao is insane



The first PVP kill occurred when Keiji killed Chao in mock revenge after discovering his gross misconduct in the form of iron abuse. Although it did not bring back the poor 72 iron ingots, it replenished Keiji's iron armor, leaving his worn armor for Chao who would probably just go die and let it despawn again anyway.

The Damn Sign

In response to Keiji taking out his rage over the loss of 72 iron ingots on Chao, Akkie immediately "starts" shipping the two of them, going so far as to confirm that she thinks Keiji is a tsundere. When confronted about the statement later, Akkie admits that it was just a joke, -sign-, prompting Keiji to make two signs about what she said. In revenge, Akkie made another sign south of the shrine that says "Keiji/Chao OTP". Keiji later takes note of this and made two more signs next to it while using pink wool (which Keiji and Akkie have mistaken for a pig) as a base, declaring the two signs as "the damn sign's new friends".

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