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Shiki Tohno is the main character in the visual novel Tsukihime. Outwardly, he is a normal second-year high school student with a somewhat poor constitution. Eight years before the start of the game, he was involved in a life-threatening accident, which led to anemic symptoms and left him with a large scar on his chest. Due to these symptoms, he suffers from frequent collapsing and fainting.

In addition to the physical problems, the accident also caused Shiki's eyes to develop a peculiar ability, the ability to see lines superimposed on objects and people. If Shiki traces these lines with a sharp tool, the object immediately fall apart along them regardless of the force used. Upon discovery of this ability, Shiki understood how destructive it was and how fragile the world around him could be. Because his eyes would not return to normal, the realization began to gnaw at him.

Fortunately, a few days after his time in the hospital, he ran outside and met Aozaki Aoko. Aoko (whom Shiki decided to call Sensei) comforted him during the next few days. Shiki was eager to impress Aoko, thus he demonstrated the ability of his eyes by destroying a tree. Aoko reprimanded him by slapping him and explained to him that what he had done was unjust. Aoko later provided a pair of magical glasses which when worn removed the lines from sight. Despite his physical condition, Shiki holds a cheerful outlook on life. More so than most of his peers, because he understands how fragile life really is.

Because of his poor health, Shiki was removed from the Tohno household by his father, Tohno Makihisa, despite being the eldest son of the family. Instead, he was sent to live with a distant branch of the Tohno family named Arima. At the start of the game, Shiki was called back to the Tohno mansion after eight years of absence due to Makihisa's death, called back by his younger sister, Tohno Akiha. Although he hadn't seen his sister in those eight years, she has grown into a proper lady of a high-class family, and after removing all of the family residents and servants of the mansion except for a pair of 2/2KohakuHisui maids, had chosen to invite him to return.

Shiki wields a knife (totally not ripping off Madotsuki...), a relic of the Nanaya family named Nanatsu-Yoru. But he's totally not emo with his glasses and knife, is he?