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Felicopter is a meme which is the portmanteau of Feli and Helicopter. Felicopter was coined by nmn whilst he was getting pwnt by Amy and Soph in a 4p Wifi match, along with Nekohaku.

The making of

The word was coined when nmn was acting like a fucking moron. This log doesn't describe accurately enough just how stupid it really was - honestly. Not to mention, he used more references than a Dennis Miller monologue.

<Neko_Kohaku> Batan kyuu...
<nmn-l> Amy you utilizing all clears is like Arnold Schwarzenegger using a tank
<Neko_Kohaku> LOL
<Lon> NICE
<nmn-l> It's just fucking overkill
<Lon> street fighter is fun
<nmn-l> arnold used a tank again :\
<Neko_Kohaku> Ouch!
<Neko_Kohaku> SF IV, Lon?
<Lon> yes
<Neko_Kohaku> MAn...
<Neko_Kohaku> No chance >_<
<nmn-l> that's it - i'mma use helicopters >: D
<Amy-chan> remind me not to use that character too
<nmn-l> Feli time
<nmn-l> Why not?
<Neko_Kohaku> ... OPP Puyo?
<Neko_Kohaku> Oh lol
<nmn-l> FELI!
<Neko_Kohaku> RIDER
<nmn-l> How can one hate rider? She's like the one interesting person in a group
<nmn-l> I fail to comprehend the logic
<Neko_Kohaku> Nice!
<Amy-chan> yay pixy
<Neko_Kohaku> Gah!
<nmn-l> Amy is pwning
<Neko_Kohaku> Amy's winning!
<nmn-l> with the onion
<Lon> yay amyyy
<Neko_Kohaku> All clears... ftw?
<Amy-chan> -.-
<nmn-l> no
<nmn-l> not with onion
<Neko_Kohaku> lol
<nmn-l> FEVEROID
<Neko_Kohaku> Once again, Amy, and Soph are at the same power lever -_- ...
<Neko_Kohaku> *level
<nmn-l> Amy is more consistant though
<nmn-l> Amy always kicks ass, and soph sometimes drops it for some reason
<Neko_Kohaku> ...
<Neko_Kohaku> ... Oshare Bones scares me now o_O
<nmn-l> his voice is hilaaaaarious :P
<nmn-l> amy vs soph, with nmn and kohaku watching
<nmn-l> dual rider :o
<Neko_Kohaku> 2!?
<Lon> nniiice
<nmn-l> you french bitch :P
<Amy-chan> ^w^
<nmn-l> v_v
<nmn-l> nooo
<nmn-l> the dual rider machine is failing!
<Neko_Kohaku> Ouch!
<nmn-l> break the glass o_o
<Neko_Kohaku> Close!!
<nmn-l> stupid glass
<Lon> YEAH
<nmn-l> man she is a bitch :P
<nmn-l> and french
<Amy-chan> Indeed
<Neko_Kohaku> I say there should be a ban on Amy using All Clears -_-
<nmn-l> all clears are great
<Amy-chan> *insert snob french saying here*
<nmn-l> get one in fever and you win
<nmn-l> "WE SURRENDER"
<nmn-l> oh snobby
<nmn-l> ..uhm
<Lon> llllllllllll
<Neko_Kohaku> lol
<Neko_Kohaku> "Jolly good"
<nmn-l> well me and kohaku are getting it in the ass right now :P
<Amy-chan> i'ma play like froggy
<nmn-l> i suck
<Neko_Kohaku> I suck T_T
<nmn-l> heli
<nmn-l> NOO~
<nmn-l> My Felicopter has crashed!
<Neko_Kohaku> Jesus T_T ...
<Amy-chan> poor frogy
<Neko_Kohaku> Wow!
<Neko_Kohaku> *crash*
<nmn-l> Are you a bad enough dude to defeat Soph and Amy-chan at PP15?
<Neko_Kohaku> Nope -_-
<nmn-l> lol