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Madou Monogatari, romanized in-game as Madoh Monogatari and affectionately nicknamed Saturn by fans, is a Madou Monogatari game for the SEGA Saturn, tying in heavily with the then-newly released Puyo Puyo SUN and the yet-to-be released Puyo Wars. It's story revolves mainly around Arle Nadja fending off a mysterious enemy known as Yoggus with the help of Lagnus the Brave and Rulue.

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The game begins by showing off Lagnus in his unnamed home world, venturing forth to a tower to combat Yoggus and their army of raging creatures. Lagnus defeats his foe, but is ultimately helpless to a surprise portal created by Yoggus. After sucking him in, the portal closes, and his world is presumably destroyed (according to Log:Eldora Translation). Meanwhile, an enthusiastic Arle is excited to start going on her own magical adventures. While finding Panotty's flute in the woods one day, she finds a strange plant. The plant is emitting a mysterious smog that coats the entire area. Carbuncle destroys it with his laser, and all seems to be well again. However, when they pay a visit to Rulue, they are attacked by Minotauros, who is acting unusually violent and psychotic. After his senses are restored, Rulue runs off to see what caused her servant to go berserk. Arle and Mino give chase, finding her in a cave with another one of the plants. Rulue then turns on Arle as well, also being driven insane. After the plant is destroyed, the trio soon realizes that the plant's smog is responsible for the unusual behavior of the Madou Denizens. Thus, they set off to find and continue destroying the plants, aided by many others along the way.


Main Party

Arle Nadja
The main protagonist, of course, she's here to take a level in badass by defeating the alien scum that has threatened the Madou World.
The self proclaimed fighting queen, she joins Arle's quest early on when she herself is one of the first victims of Yoggus' attack.
Lagnus the Brave
The other main hero of the story, his home world is destroyed(?) when he fails to accommodate the fact that Yoggus exists in all dimensions. He spends most of the game aiding Arle through means that don't require his physical presence.
Schezo Wegey
The dark pervertwizard. He joins the party off and on while being repeatedly manipulated by Lagnus' spirit. Whenever he's not being possessed by Lagnus, he's being BDSM-whipped or otherwise having the ever-loving tar kicked outta him.
Arle's pet sidekick and the series mascot. He randomly attacks monsters with his death laser during battle and is the only character capable of destroying the plants that germinate from the Wicked Seeds.

Guest Party Members

The loyal bodyguard of Rulue. He accompanies his mistress and Arle through the early parts of the game until a Yog incapacitates him with a serious injury.
A fish that can't stop dancing. After being released from his possession, he accompanies you through the next dungeon or so, abandoning you shortly after due to being crippled from a lack of hydration.
An angel that can't sing very well. She accompanies you through Succubus and Incubus' mansions, and her awful singing turns into epic attacks against the enemy!
A womanizing demon man, he joins your party until the sunlight outside his house poses a threat to his "delicate body", which prompts him to give you a rusty key instead.
The giggly little witch. She is locked in Incubus' dungeon with Draco, and only joins if you choose to release her.
Draco Centauros
The hot-headed Dragon lady! She is locked in Incubus' dungeon with Witch, and only joins if you choose to release her.
A humble merchant. At some point or another he joins you in your struggles against Yoggus. How is yet to be seen.

All these villains

The demon of dimensions who can split into multiple Yogs. He wreaked havoc upon Lagnus' world, before being forced to relocate into Arle's world, planting Wicked Seeds to corrupt the populace into a destructive army. The Yog forms seem to be named after negative personality traits and actions.
The main villain of the Madou-Puyo series, he has to appear at least once and make silly plans as usual!

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