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Puyo Nexus is an ultra awesome site for Puyo fans! If you joined it while you aren't crazy about Puyo or you hate it, then why did you?

This is also where the magical translaters of awesome Puyo games rest. If you want something translated, just sit back, relax, and do whatever you want until it's been translated! Or hope that it doesn't fail.

Thing is, the more frequent people there are becoming douchebags and the lol hackers have found their way to this "sacred" place of Puyo. Not everyone was pleased.

This very site was temporarily shut down because of a serious lol hacker attack. The people who weren't pleased by the above rejoiced from this news. Not that they anticipated its eventual revival... without an imageboard. Don't worry. deviantArt and pixiv still exists for your Puyo fanart needs.

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