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Tsukihime is a dōjin visual novel made by TYPE-MOON released in December 2001. An english patch made by mirror moon was released on November 5, 2006.


The story is about high school student Tohno Shiki who suffered a life-threatening injury. As a result, he is able to see the death lines on objects and people. If he traces these lines with a sharp object the person or object that they belong to will die or be destroyed. Soon after discovering this power, he is given a special pair of glasses by a mysterious woman (later revealed to be Aozaki Aoko). While wearing these glasses, Shiki cannot see the lines, and can thus live life as normal.

The game plot begins during Shiki's high school days. After years away from the Tohno household, which he was banished from after his injury, he moves back home following the death of the head of the Tohno family, Shiki's father. Shiki's sister, Akiha, assumes the responsibility of being the new head, and decides to let Shiki come back. As the story progresses, Shiki gradually discovers his mysterious past, and becomes implicated into strange adventures.

Oh, and Shiki prefers cats, because a cat is fine too.

... Sacchin never got mentioned in this article, did she? Isn't it sad?~ ;_;

Related media

A manga was later released. But there has yet to be an anime... ah, you saw it? Then let the Brainwash Detective do her work, and let us speak of it no more~...

There was a sequel of sorts, Melty Blood. Which is an awesome fighting game, and has a surprisingly good story for its genre.

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