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Japan is the most awesome place in the world! It's every otaku's dream to go there, as it's filled with the craziest stuff you'd ever want (or not want) to find. And is also home to Sata andagi, multiplying its awesomeness by over 9000. There are stores that sell nothing but these awesome miniature game guide books with loads of artwork you wouldn't find anywhere else, which make Japan all the more awesome. Best of all (For us video gaming otaku, anyway), this very country is responsible for having made video games that have ever happened in history! Yes. They cleaned up the mess that America has made.

There are also over 9000 games in Japan that have never ever been released in America (Nintendo Puzzle Collection, Puyo Puyo, ect.), and even more that get changed drastically from their original Japanese versions (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Final Fantasy 6, Panel De Pon, ect.).

Many of the things we know and love originate in Japan, including anime, pretty much every good video game around, lolis, the better Vocaloids, and so on.

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