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The Anti Dark Magic Alliance was a team of heroes in Compile Worlds. Most of the members joined due to being abused by Ms. Accord early on, and the alliance was previously known as the Anti-Accord Association. However, it was later discovered that Accord was just a puppet to Popoi, and after her death, the group was renamed in light of her circumstances to avoid controversy.

When the group was first formed, they all somehow congregated into Draco's tiny hut that conspicuously stood on the beach. This living arrangement came to a temporary end when Tarutaru led Popoi and Accord directly to the hut, with the resulting chaos causing Sig to go berserk and cause a passive explosion. While this destroyed the hut, Mikki later rebuilt it using one of her lulzy Latin incantations, which also resulted in the hut gaining a new indoor waterway for Seriri.

Later, in the Ekoro arc, the mysterious Nanako, who previously helped save Amitie from Accord, arranged for the construction of a huge headquarters for the alliance, which coincided with the steady increase of its members around that time. Due to being incredibly spacious and constantly protected by Nanako and Juichi, it was no longer necessary for the entire alliance to drag themselves from location to location, though they mostly continued this practice anyway. Nanako also guaranteed internal protection; anyone who betrayed the alliance within the HQ would surely get it. Later on, Ekoro's clones and even Ms. Accord herself were allowed into the alliance.

At the start of the Meteor Arc, the HQ was destroyed by the titular meteor, leaving only its underground parts, and Nanako disappeared to run her own massive headquarters. This effectively caused the ADMA to slowly disband, and the characters shuffled around due to being separated from each other. While they are no longer all under one roof, many of the former alliance members still share good relationships amongst one another and continue to fight alongside one another, provided the plot allows them to.


The ADMA Headquarters was the large building that used to occupy the ADMA members in Puyopolis. As stated above, it was arranged to be constructed by Nanako. It featured several floors, as well as guaranteed 24/7 protection while inside it's doors. The base was dismantled in Episode 17 by a meteor, leaving a bunch of cordoned off rubble and the surviving underground chambers in its place. It took several more episodes for the lazy contractor to like, finally get his butt out there and clean up the rubble. The base is currently no longer in use and is presumed to be retired.

Headquarters Structure

The HQ building has five above-ground floors. These are, from bottom to top:

  1. an open public floor running shops and other services to make money to support the alliance
  2. a floor for office workers who keep up with everything to allow the ADMA members to go about their missions unhindered
  3. a floor for trial members of the ADMA who are not entirely trusted
  4. a floor for regular members of the ADMA
  5. a floor for VIPs and the Leader of the ADMA.

Each individual office has a connected bedroom so that all ADMA members and supporting staff can live where they work. Additionally, the building had an unspecified number of underground floors, which contained many tiny cubicle office and lounge areas. There was also a chamber for storing ancient and dangerous objects in a secure, temperature regulated environment. The only plot-related object that was ever stored here, however, was Ekoro's Orb. The floors still remain, though they have suffered minor damages due to ambushes lead by Ekoro and Angol Mois during the Amalgamation.

Member Hierarchy

VIPs (5F)
Others (4F)
Trial (3F)
Headquarters staff (2F)

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