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Angol Mois is the main antagonist of Puyo Wars, and also the second most prominent antagonist in Compile Worlds. He debuted in Episode 26 as the mysterious master of Gypsum in the Abyss. While the Abyss was his residence for a time, he has since taken portals to both Ekoro's Base and Primp, residing in the later. He was believed to be killed in Episode 38, ending his short-lived time as the main antagonist of the RP, but later he appears as an agent for the Gods. In Compile ♥ Worlds, however, he tried to persecute a past Arle's crimes with his own nefarious plots and now currently seeks to extract the most revenge of revenge in Gamindustri.


Angol was brought to Gaias 6000 years prior to Puyo Wars to become a combination of Puyo and human to create a Puyo-Human Bioweapon. He was summoned by Eldora from his homeworld. Angol, presumably angry about being turned into a Bioweapon and being made to rule over a bunch of greedy humans repeating history, vowed to continue the experimentation that was done on him and destroy the humans. The Fifths, prototypes of the same experiment, joined his cause. Soon enough, Daichi, the only other successful Bioweapon, was awoken and began to rebel against this violent behavior. Angol tried to persuade Daichi to join him, but to no avail. After the final battle in the center of the world, Eldora removed the synthetic Puyo infusions from him and tried to teleport Angol to his home world, but was sent to the Abyss instead due to Fake Arle's manipulation. During this time, he supposedly studied black magic and other Abysian subjects. He also hired Gypsum as his assistant, creating with her the recipe for Angolium. Angol only needed someone to forge the material for him to finally escape and claim his revenge...

Angol is a enigmatic man, shrouding himself in mystery. When he speaks of himself, he does so very cryptically. He speaks in a polite manner, allowing grace to strangers. He is stoic, displaying little to no emotion and remaining in eternal calmness. Angol has quite the diplomatic tongue, manipulating multiple people into aiding him regardless of the intention of doing so, such as when he asked Draco Centauros the location of the old ADMA HQ. Despite Angol's seemingly infinitely accepting demeanor, he has been described as having an eerie atmosphere around him, and tries to conceal (very well) his contempt for his enemies. Angol is also charitable to an extent, allowing Gypsum to set up office in his living quarters. However, behind all of this, Angol is a calculating and inhumane character, not caring about the lives he destroys in achieving his goals, or even necessarily the well being of those under him. He dejects all humanity, calling them "worthless", and also has a grudge against Eldora for nearly everything she has done to him, only loosening a little when she saves his life.

The extent of Angol's power is not yet completely known. As a biological weapon, he can unleash a demon-beast form when necessary to do intense battle. In Episode 30, Angol revealed he could also activate other people's weapon forms if he desired. Angol is also very skilled in technology and chemistry, creating his own alloys and machines from simple materials and other limited resources. He also has a certain power over Puyo; his very presence causes them to become violent and feel intense burning sensations, and he is also capable of influencing them to serve him. It is also known that while he is a zero, he is able to manipulate the energy used by the ones due to stealing Daichi's connection to the field, which makes him, in some regards, more powerful than any other character (including the ones), and nigh invulnerable to pretty much any possible attack the zeroes could attempt. In order to defeat him, it required the power of two ones and an other-worldly being (Or Daichi in a Protector with a giant holy laser).


The exact origin of Angol's name is uncertain. It could possibly be derived from the prophecy of Nostradamus, "Angolmois," which speaks of kings of frightening power and, fittingly enough, war. MadouCyc noted that "Mois" was a homophone of "more," to which they laughed.



  • Angol shares his name with a Sgt. Frogs character.
    • This is amusing because Gypsum also has a frog-related name she is teased about.
    • Coincidentally, the Frogs Angol is also a person of mass destruction. The thing is, she's a loli.
  • In his debut episode, Angol created 3 color conflicts until he had to settle with sharing Draco's Red.
    • Red references his Puyo Wars mugshot, which has a red palette.
  • When Angol tells Phi he is uncertain of himself, Angol mentions he's met someone like that before.
  • Angol is the main antagonist of 3 plot arcs (The Amalgamation, C♥W Segment 1 and C♥W Segment 2), and a secondary antagonist in two more (the Meteor Arc and SHAME), making him the most common antagonist behind Satan.

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