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The Fifths are a group of synthetic organisms in Puyo Wars. Collectively, they are the 5 failed prototypes of the Puyo-Human Bioweapon experiment, having monstrously deformed bodies and equally callous personalities as a result of the cruel experimentation. Individually, they appear as Red Mois, Yellow Mois, Blue Mois, Green Mois, and Purple Mois throughout the game, each being correspondent to a color of Puyo.

In the plot line, they serve as the generals of Angol Mois, who commands them to do various nefarious deeds. Particularly, they seem to be out to capture or kill Daichi since he is of importance to Angol, and also because Daichi interferes with his plans.

Red Mois was a person named Fray before the experimentation. Fray's personality still shows through during a particularly intense battle, being reminded of his previous life when Marin appears. Each of the Fifths are killed individually, though at least Fray has memories of Eldora.

Purple Mois is the only female, which is ironic considering she reminds Keiji of Frieza, who is male. Derp.

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