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Stupidity is the phenomenon of lacking intelligence. Which, unless you are also stupid, should be obvious. However, statistically speaking, the latter is probably not the case, since it's a well-known fact that 90% of the world is stupid. In fact, there's so much stupidity, that even after the original "90% of the world that is stupid" page (made in 2008, the very first year of Kawachan) was moved to "Stupidity" (here), then to "Retard" and finally to "Idiot" before being put out of its misery deleted on August 15, 2011, it was brought back in attempt to reduce red links since so much stuff links to it. However, this page won't go baselessly insulting various groups of people like last time. Instead...

How to NOT be stupid

  1. Well, I'm apparently too stupid to tell you how not to be stupid. If you're less stupid, which I'm sure you are, why not add your amazing secret techniques here?

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